2007–The Year in Review

2007 is over—and 2008 is almost two weeks old.  As a final summation of the year that was, here is a list of some Rhetoric Department related events from 2007. 

Spring: Todd McDorman was on leave as the McLain-McTurnan-Arnold Research Scholar for his project “Transforming Death: Rhetoric and the Right-to-Die.”

February: Senior rhetoric major Tim Schirack wins the 133rd Baldwin Oratorical Contest.

February: The Parliamentary Union records a 4th place team finish at the Indiana State Individual Events Tournament, hosted by Butler University. Wabash was led by Kevin Billups ’10, Grant Gussman ’09, Kevin Travis McLaughlin ’09, Victor Nava ’10, and Jonathan Torrez ’10.

Spring: Jennifer Abbott has the lead article in the new volume of Women’s Studies in Communication: “The Positive Functions of ‘Negative’ Rhetoric: Feminists’ Expository Campaign Against the Promise Keepers.”  Women’s Studies in Communication 30 (2007): 1-33.

March: The Parliamentary Union scores a 6th place team finish at the DSR-TKA national tournament.  Kevin Travis McLaughlin ’09 and Stephen Anthony Ellis Jr. ’09 win the DSR-TKA national championship in Parliamentary debate while award winning performances were also turned in by Victor Nava ’10, Ian Bisbee ’07, and Kevin Billups ’10.

April: For his essay, “History, Collective Memory, and the Supreme Court: Debating ‘the people’ through the Dred Scott Controversy,” Todd McDorman is presented with the Rose B. Johnson SCJ Article Award for Volume 71 (2006) of the Southern Communication Journal.

April: James Coleman McGuffey is awarded the Joseph O’Rourke Jr. Award in Rhetoric in recognition of the best Senior Project for the class of 2007.

May: An impressive set of Rhetoric majors graduate: Ian Bisbee, Frank Knez, James Coleman McGuffey, Chris McNicholas, Matt Plachta, Ryan Pritchard, T.J. Schaffer, Tim Schirack, H. Jake Turner, Robert Van Kirk, Geoff Walker, and Drew Weintraut. Post-Wabash destinations range from Eli Lilly Corp to law school to graduate school to yet other locations in the private sector.

July 1: David Timmerman becomes Chair of the Fine Arts and Humanities Division.

The Rhetoric and Public Affairs Series at Michigan State University Press accepts for publication,  Todd F. McDorman and David M. Timmerman, eds.  Rhetoric and Democracy: Essays in the Tradition of W. Norwood Brigance.  To be released in Fall 2008. 

November 17, 2007: On the 111th anniversary of his birth, W. Norwood Brigance is recognized as a Distinguished Scholar in Communication.  Brigance was one of four scholars elected to this honor in 2007.

November 25: Zoe Marie Abbott is born to Professors Jennifer and Michael Abbott.

December: Jennifer Abbott is awarded tenure and is promoted to Associated Professor effective July 1, 2008.

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