Baker ’15 – The end of the academic year is near, and the campus seems to be rushing
towards it. People are beginning to get angrier easier, and email wars are
constant. In a month the last final will be happening, and the Track team will
be competing for a 5th straight conference victory after taking
indoor and outdoor track last year and cross country and indoor track this
year. It seems like dynasty proportions, even though it has happened over 2
years, and I wasn’t even here for the first one. It’s exciting to be on a team
that is hitting its stride.

I’ve been asking for a lot of advice lately, and I’m starting to realize
just how much our team is like a family. We have Grandpa Buck (Sam Starbuck),
who always seems to have calm wisdom when it is needed. Brian David is the
adopted child from New Jersey. Colin Dunlap is like an older brother who might
get you in to trouble, but it will be fun.  Kenny Farris and Donovan White are almost
twins. I will always remember fantasy football, Donovan would remind people to
update their rosters so they would beat Kenny the week they faced him. Kenny
also has words of advice, but doesn’t advertise it. Kevin McCarthy seems like
the 2nd oldest behind Grandpa Buck, very calm, leading by example.
He says things when they need to be said, but his actions speak more often.

Behind the seniors is Jake Waterman, co-host of the Jake & Bake
radio show. Most of the time he seems to be viewed by the seniors as a younger
brother, while the sophomores and my fellow freshmen hold him up a bit higher.
He’ll be the main example next year in my mind, and I think he is trying to be
more conscious of that role.

The sophomores just seem to be realizing that they too will be the
leaders next year, and that they’ll be getting even younger brothers when next
year’s freshmen get here. For us freshmen, we’ve been here a while, but we
certainly don’t know everything. We are the youngest of the family, and it
shows sometimes when we’re staying up too late or not eating as well as we

In charge of it all is Coach Busch and Mrs. Coach Busch, who now have an
actual child to go along with their children on the team. They don’t always
balance each other as much as ideal parents would when they are coaching us,
because they are pretty ruthless. It all works out though, since we’ve got
brothers that we’re in this with to help us through it all. Our support system
is pretty incredible, and we certainly aren’t the type that would warrant a
reality show. Things are kept in check, and for the most part nothing crazy
happens. We take care of each other, and I think that is why we succeed in the
classroom and on the track.

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