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Spending a Day With an Indy Star Photographer

Alex Moseman ' 11 - Today I may have not taken a lot of great photos, but what I learned was priceless. I spent the day with Indianapolis Star photographer, Matt Detrich, who couldn’t meet with me last week because he was out of town. He was accepting an award for photographer of the year in the Midwest, no big deal or anything. After talking to Matt for just a few minutes I realized that it wasn’t a big deal to him. Maybe that’s what makes him so good. I realized as the day went on that he was so good because he just had a passion for telling the news through his pictures.

The day started off with me sitting with some of the other Indy Star photographers as I waited for Matt to get back from an early assignment that he had gone on before I had got to the newspaper. As I sat there I got to talk to some of the other photographers about what they were doing. 

I learned some new easy tricks that they use to help make their pictures better in a matter of minutes. When Matt came into the office the first things that struck me was how personable he was, almost immediately I felt comfortable around him. I guess that could be a useful quality in someone who goes around putting a camera in peoples face.

The assignment that he was working on for the day was shooting a lady shopping for groceries for a story about the rising price of food. Matt had the amazing ability to see and anticipate every angle and scene of whatever environment we were in. Even in a place as ordinary as to local Kroger’s, Matt found a way to take shots of his subject in an interesting way that told the story of the article.

On the way back to the paper some storm clouds began to appear, and Matt and I both couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop and take some pictures as the storm rolled on overhead. This was probably one of the most surreal moment of the day. There I was on the street corner taking pictures of storm clouds along side one of the best photographers in the country.

When we got back to the paper I talked to Matt about how to be a better photographer. He told me “just be sincere, people can tell when we're lying to them.” Nothing hammered that point home more than Matt’s actions throughout the day. I can’t wait to go back to The Star and meet with some of the other photographers and I am certainly excited to shoot more areas and events.


This is a great story. Education on an entirely different level. Teacher-student, one on one, sharing the love of photography. Neat!