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Day of Sightseeing, Bird Watching

Colin McClelland, ‘06, Day 1 - After conquering the jet-lag that plagued us the previous day, we set off Sunday morning to explore. A simple walk through the park quickly turned into a birding adventure searching for the almost mythical snow parakeet and rainbow-crested nuthatch. Being unable to locate these excellent specimens, we moved onward to the city proper.

Our lunch was a story to speak of, consisting of (probably) the only Lebanese restaurant in the Czech Republic. The groups favorites included kibbi, tabouli, homus, and as Will Certain described them, “little cheeseburgers.”

We found our way to the Prague castle Hrad, where we had excellent photo opportunities, and also discovered that wine bars in this part of Europe are top-notch.† Kevin Shaw found out the hard way that exchanging money on the streets can be a shady task.† At the same time, we all learned a valuable lesson in economics: Hungarian dollars, although similar in appearance to Czech korunas, are absolutely worthless. We did our part in keeping up foreign relations at a dorm party in the local agricultural university, and look forward to meeting the students and faculty of the mathematics university tomorrow.


Sounds like all of you had wonderful first days, at least those of you who made the flight.
Enjoying the Staropramen?
It's great hearing from all of you as you experience Prague.
Have-ski and great-ski time-ski.