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Math is Good, Beer is Great

Thomas Rice, Day Four — So we have been in Prague now for four days and there is one thing that stands out to me as being odd, but not necessarily a bad thing. Beer is the cheapest thing to drink with meals here. And believe me, this is no Keystone Light that we’ve been drinking!

Each place that you go to will have one beer on tap, so there is not exactly a decision as to what beer you will be drinking, unless you pick the places you eat based on what beers you like, which we have done on more than one occasion.

Staropramen is by far the best beer here, and we are lucky that our hotel serves it. We can get a large glass of beer for only a dollar, whereas ordering water or pop will cost much more.

As far as our work goes, we continue our work at the university yesterday. Talking about math research is not the most exciting thing to talk about, so I’ll move on to our lunch. We ate at Alberto’s Pizzeria and it was great. We each got our own pizza and some of us got a glass of beer, and it only cost us $5 for the whole meal. The food here has been amazing, and our meals yesterday have continued that trend.

One of the more interesting aspects of our day yesterday was coming up with aliases and background stories for our names. I won’t go into too much detail, but I will mention that we did have a Chuck Norris and a Jack Bauer.

We finished the night by going to the Discotec, where a good time was had by all. This trip has been a great experience, and it’s hard to believe that we only three days left here.Prague is a great city and I would love to come back and encourage everyone to come here and see the town.

(By the way, that's me on the left in the photo below. Jack Bauer is my name...)