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Beautiful Women, Alter Egos, and David Letterman

Chris Jackson (the real Jack Bauer), Wednesday — The daily grind continued on Wednesday. 8:30 came way too early as Tuesday night was the group’s biggest party night yet. Being second nature to ten Wabash men, the lack of sleep barely fazed the group as we made our way through the subway and up the escalator to heaven (see photographs) to another day at the university. The afternoon consisted of picture taking in the city center, naps, dinner and a trip to see "Don Giovanni" at the Stavovste Divaldo – “Estates Theatre” (the opera house where Mozart originally debuted the play).

So far I have made several observations about the group and about Prague that I would like to share. I will lump them into two categories: Bad and good. The first bad thing, and I think the worst, is that it is very difficult to travel and immerse in a culture in a large group. A large motley crew of Americans is very imposing to a young Czech waitress or smaller groups of individuals. We are generally louder than Europeans and we are quicker to pull the trigger on a feisty debate in a public place. This doesn’t necessarily draw positive attention to the group. Some other “bad” things about the Czech Republic are that it costs money to use public bathrooms (roughly the equivalent of a quarter); Czech businesses do not believe in ice cubes; and the beer is cheaper than the water. These things make you realize how good we have it in America.

Now I move onto the good things. First, the beer is cheaper than water. This is bad only if you want to hydrate yourself; otherwise ten Wabash men are going to take full advantage of this. Czech women are absolutely stunning. I know we have quite a few beautiful women in America, but “they are everywhere, they grow them here,” according to Una Muno ’06 (just bear with us on the alter egos). (That's my new girlfriend on the right.)

Another thing I find fascinating is that people bring their dogs everywhere. Furthermore, these dogs don’t bark, bite, or misbehave – they just lay at the feet of their master waiting for the next instruction. Finally, it is a very, very good thing that absinthe doesn’t make you see green fairies.It does however create extremely vivid dreams, such as: Meeting David Letterman in Kroger in Crawfordsville and becoming best friends with him; and pulling up carpet in your own house, only to find a river where you start fishing in it.

As shown, the good definitely outweighs the bad on this trip. As we pass the midway point in our journey, we realize how important this trip is not only to get our math work done, but also to learn more about each other, the Czech Republic, and the world. I leave you now with a picturesque, heavy snow falling over the city. The group continues the daily grind on this Thursday morning, eager to find even more great things about this outstanding city and its people.