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A Missed flight

Jake Koeneman '06 - That’s right, I missed the flight. After a week filled with interviews and complicated situations, I thought I was in the clear. I had been saying all week that I would know that all was well when I was on the plane departing from Detroit. I almost made it too, but I was 20 minutes late.

The plan was that I was flying from Chicago to Detroit and meeting the group for the rest of the trip. Well, my flight was delayed 45 minutes in Chicago which put me behind. When I got to Detroit, I learned that the United Airlines terminal and the Northwest Airlines terminal are not connected and you have to take a shuttle between the two. All of these factors combined, I arrived at the Northwest International Check-in desk, 40 minutes before the flight was to depart. I thought I still had time, but I didn’t.

They did not let me on the original flight and then informed me that there were no more flights leaving Detroit and ending in Prague until the next day. It was only after calling the travel agency, and playing the middle man between the travel agent and the check-in agent, that I got a flight from Detroit to Amsterdam and then to Prague. The only kicker was a five-hour layover in the Amsterdam airport.

To keep the story short, I made all of the flights and got to Prague. The next struggle was to make sure that I got a cab that knew where we were staying. But, that proved to be the easiest part of the trip.† As soon as I walked through the door, a cabbie asked me if I needed a cab. He brought me straight to the hotel (and provided some amazing driving moves on the way).

I got to the Pension about 5 and the rest of the group got back from touring about 9. All told, my first day was an outstanding success.


Yikes! Hope it was worth it though. Prague is an amazing city!