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Conference Opportunity for Students Interested in Japan

60th Japan-America Student Conference
Reed College, UCLA, Univ. of Montana, Harvard Univ.

Join 40 other students from the US and Japan for a month of cultural exchange, travel and fun!

Applications Due: March 1

Meet leaders and students that will improve your career network in this unique student-led cultural and academic exchange which will host its inaugural program next. Students will discuss their research on topics of bilateral and global interest and enjoy prominent speakers in the month-long conference.

The theme for the 60th Japan-America Student Conference held July 25-Aug 21, 2008, will be “Students Redefining Their Role Through Insight and Action”

Long-standing and dynamic, the relationship between Japan and America is one that intimately knows both the strains of war and the fruits of peace. It is a strong testament to the power that resides in the exchange of ideas. Ever since its inception in 1934, The JASC has been driven by ambitious students aspiring to initiate open dialog in the hope of improving the international community. If we can speak of a JASC tradition, then it is certainly innovation - students working as agents of change.

This year’s Roundtable topics include:

Minority Issues: From Social Discrimination to Social Contribution
Exploring the Relationship between Tradition and Modernity
Communicating Environmental Ethics: Media, Mindset and Ecological Inspiration
Ethics: Holding Science Accountable to Humanity
Corporate Social Responsibility in Development
Comparative Law and Society
Memory of Tragedy: Examining Vehicles of Bias, Education, and Peace

Although many participants will be Asian Studies and East Asian Studies majors, this is not a requirement. All types of students from any field and level of study are welcome at the conference. Knowledge of the Japanese language is not required.

For applications or more information, please visit www.iscdc.org or e-mail jasc@iscdc.org.

JASC is a program of International Student Conferences, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace by furthering mutual understanding, friendship, and trust through international student interchange.

Join a group of 40 students from universities across the U.S. and Japan for a summer of study, travel, and fun!

Japan-America Student Conference
Regina Dull, Executive Director
1150 18th St. NW, Suite LL2
Washington, DC 20036