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Hello from Sue Ulzoefer

Hallo Wabash! =)

I hope the new year at Wabash is going well so far. In Bavaria, things are good.

Aaron Abell was my first Wabash visitor and spent some days with me in June. Now, Ted and Miles visited me. I had a great time and it was a pleasure to show them around. They reminded me of myself at my arrival in the USA: they are fascinated by everything... We went to Munich, of course, and to Schloss Neuschwanstein. I also showed them Landsberg, where Hitler was impriosoned in 1923... One evening, we went to a "Therme", a spa thingy with beautiful pools with healthy water and a bar in the pool where you can enjoy cocktails in the water =) I put some pictures on facebook, but I also attached two: look how†Bavarian they already are... or try to be (look at Ted wearing the Lederhose backwards...) It was a pleasure to show them around.

For me, university starts in Oktober, so what I'm doing all the time is meeting friends (there are still a few that I haven't seen since I've been back home), working with my dad, and studying for my finals in pedagogics... and showing Wallies around. Kyle Greaves is gonna be my next visitor.

Greetings to everybody! How are you doing??? Let me know when you come overseas. I'm a pretty good tourist guide now=)

Sunny greetings, Sue