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Pictures and Teaching

 Some pictures --

Since I've been in Peru I have had the opportunity to visit some interesting places, including the Peruvian Amazon and the mountains of Huaraz. In previous blog postings I've mentioned possible opportunities for Wabash students, but haven't had the chance to post larger numbers of photos. In case there's interest, I have posted nearly all of my photos from my time in the rainforest and from Huaraz in albums on my Facebook account. To see the Iquitos (rainforest) photos, click on the following links:
Public link to Iquitos photos:
and more Iquitos

Photos from Huaraz are at the following: 

Public link to Huaraz photos:
and more Huaraz


Some Teaching ---

Part of my experience here has been interacting with other researchers and students. I had the opportunity to give a general talk on ecological parasitology to an ecology class at the Universidad Cientifica del Peru in Iquitos. This past week I participated in an International Symposium on Parasite Diversity at the Universidad Ricardo Palma (URP); I presented a talk on Trematode Infection Ecology in Wetlands, as well as a general presentation on the Global Health connections I've made thus far in Peru. This week I will teach a two-day mini-course at the URP on Parasite Ecology, including some morning lectures and a trip to a nearby wetland to continue some of the snail-trematode work that we've been doing.

In future posts I hope to relate some of the additional contacts I've made here as well as news on upcoming trips I'll be taking to Puno and to Tarapoto.