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Wow - Only Way to Describe This Trip

Editor's note: This is a blog contribution written Friday evening.

Josh Gangloff - Wow! That is the easiest way to explain how this trip has gone up to this point. We arrived in Panama City last night after another full day. We stayed in the Best Western Las Huacas in downtown Panama. I was placed in room 804 and they told me it was the disco room. I had no idea what they meant until I walked into the room and saw the spiraling staircase going up to the master bedroom. I shared this huge room with Brent Banach and Adam Pilli.

Friday was a great day.I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and started off on our journey through the beautiful country of Panama. Our tour guide, Jesus, told us we would be traveling to a Panamanian Indian tribe and hanging out with them before heading to the Florida State campus for football practice. We arrived on the banks of a muddy river and climbed into these huge canoe like boats.

The Embera tribe was waiting for us and helped us with all of our water and supplies. We got the chance to see how the tribe lived, their dancing and some of their beautiful art which we could purchase.The Embera tribe then showed us a few of their native dances. They were really amazing. I really could have stayed with the tribe all day but we still had a practice and a kids football camp to run. We left the tribe and went to the FSU campus and practiced for 2 hours. The practice field was located right under the Bridge of the Americas. It was really neat. The kids came and brought the rain along with them. It was an amazing day and I can't to play tomorrow!


Little Giants - Sounds like te trip of a lifetime. You guys made a big difference in the lives of many people - from children to their parents and grandparents. That's what it's all about - changing civilization.

Thanks for being great representatives of the United States and Wabash!


It is so glad to hear from you and how much you are enjoying this experience!
I love you and I am so proud of your and all of your hard work!
Love Mom

I think the Wabash College football team is amazing! You guys are so talented and you care about everyone. The people of Panama were very lucky to have such hard-working and talented guy there helping them out. Way to go! Wabash Always Fights!