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Good Players and Good Men

Patrick Millikan '07 (written Saturday night 5/20) - Victory!  Today, we finally got to play the Panamanian All Star Team at Balboa Stadium. The experience was very unique.  I had never expected those guys to be as passionate or talented as they were.  They were a big team, and some positions had more size and depth than I ever would have imagined.  The weather was hot and muggy, like every day we have spent in this beautiful country.  Fortunately, the heat broke right before the game started, with the daily rainfall we had come to expect.  Although it was humid, the rain made the heat much more bearable.

When the game began, we were surprised to see that they had an “interesting” way of playing.  Their D-line would stand up at the snap, instead of coming across the ball.  The offense took advantage of this, as we pushed them down the field for a touchdown. 

Our defense was equally successful against their offense, and held them to no points for the entire game.  Though they were talented and had a lot of heart, their technique needed work, and we finished the game at 18-0.

Despite the loss, their team was positive and thankful at the end of the game.  They were happy to play us, and we were glad to play them, as well.  Overall, the game was a wonderful way to wrap up the trip.  We met many good players who were also good men, and I am thankful for the opportunity.