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Still Shaking Head About NY Trip

Daniel Sutton ’08 - It’s just a little bit of a change to be back in Crawfordsville after experiencing everything New York City had to offer. Although it was an amazing trip, one week is just not enough time to fully appreciate a city like that. The city itself was a bit overwhelming at first but it only took a day or two to get acclimated to the faster-paced environment of NYC.

I am still amazed to have witnessed first-hand some of thegreatest art work in the world that I’ve studied in class. Sometimes I just found myself smiling as I walked through the galleries, seeing the work of artists like Van Gogh and Picasso and to see photos taken by some of the most amazing photographers of our time of which I’ve learned so much from in my quest to better myself in my medium.

But seeing countless pieces of art isn’t the only thing that impacted me during the trip. Being able to adjust to the busy life of a New Yorker was amazing in itself as we walked our way through the streets of New York and traveled from location to location using the subway system. It was really cool to see all the sites of the city that I’ve only seen on TV and in the movies. To actually be there and to experience all the culture and landmarks that NYC contains just blew me away.

With our free time in the evenings we were really able to see that it really is the “city that never sleeps” and is just as busy during the late night than it is during the day. But not only did this trip offer me a chance to examine art I’ve only seen before in books, but it helped me to create new friendships and connect with people to create new memories that will be with me forever.

The immersion trip was a learning experience on so many levels as it gave me the opportunity to discuss art, my personal views and the impact which art has had on me with the other guys on the trip and even with native New Yorkers. That in itself made the trip worthwhile to me as I was able to connect with fellow Wallies and other students of art as we discovered similarities with each other that we never even realized were there.

As I said, the memories and bonds created on this trip are definitely things that will stick with me forever and I thank Wabash and my professors for giving me the opportunity to experience everything NYC had to offer, not only impacting my interest in art, but also impacting my life.