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New York Museums Busy Places

Philip Ramilo - By 9:00 am we were all on the lobby of Chelsea Savoy Hotel which became our daily meeting place. Then it was a subway towards Uptown New York to go to our first destination of the day, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  When we arrived at the museum, it’s not the art that surprise me; it was the amount of people in the museum on a regular day like Thursday.  True, the paintings by Picasso and Egyptian artifacts at the museum are mesmerizing; however, what amazed me the most is the love and dedication people shows to support the art.  After walking for hours looking and admiring the amount of history in one building, I found my self a little tired.  Fortunately, I found this “Japanese Garden” where I sat and relaxed.  Its remarkable how a place this serene is located in a place where there are thousands of people.

After the Metropolitan Museum of art, we went to the Neue Gallery to see the newest painting added to their collection, the Adele Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav Klimt.  Unfortunately, out of the three gallery floors, only one was open. Nonetheless, the visit was satisfying due to the fact that the building itself is art due to its great architecture.  Then, it was time to ride the subway once again to go back to were we stay.  I decided to relaxed tonight and get ready to what tomorrow has to offer.