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Arriving in New York City

Aaron Springhetti - The pilot told me to look out the window to the left to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.  Seeing it for the first time was remarkable; however, I had imagined it to be much larger.  There were many firsts for me on our date of arrival—some odd, funny, but many that I had wished to see for many years.  I never thought I would make it to the hostel as our crazed taxi driver was passing cars with literally two inches of breathing room between our van and the trucks next to us.  Once we were settled in at the hostel, things began to calm down, thankfully. 

To familiarize ourselves with the city, the group decided to walk its streets in hopes of validating unspoken truths of the so-called “City that never sleeps.” Along the way, we passed Madison Square Garden, Time Square, and even a man claiming to be Jesus who was only charging a dollar for a photo shoot.  Ultimately, we ended up in Central Park, about 50 blocks from our hostel.  After walking back to our hostel in the unforgiving wintry weather, we met up with Professors Huebner and Calisch for our first dinner.  The dinner was appeasing after our long workout, but we still had not completely indulged in all the city had to offer.  We would venture to lower Manhattan to have a few beverages at what claimed to be the oldest Irish pub in the city.  Thankfully, we were all able to make it safely back to our bunk beds in the hostel’s cubby holes.