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A Day of Amazing Spanish, Chinese Art

Dustin Beck 03.08.07 - I find myself questioning the validity of the claim that NY is “the city that never sleeps”. Perhaps the city that hardly sleeps would be more appropriate though I suppose “never” is catchier. Even by Indiana standards last night was an early night for all. After catching an amazing Broadway play and a few post show beverages most of us were in bed by what would be an early night in NY of 2-3am. The fact that we were meeting at 9am today, Thursday, definitely played a role in that decision.

Though the early start seemed at first a bit unvacation-like the amazing architecture of the “museum mile” and our introduction to the most substantial collection of art many of us will ever see was enough to make our early start worth it. Our original plan to spend only the morning hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art quickly broke down as everyone scattered just like the hundreds of children on field trips, mouths gaping at the immensity of the collections.

There was something to draw everyone’s interest here but it was the Chinese art collection and the Barcelona Exhibit that caught my attention. For me the Chinese collection gave an interesting glimpse into the subject of my senior studies while the Barcelona show allowed me to see the work of two of my favorite artists, Dali and Miro. It was the countless ornately detailed scrolls that characterize Chinese art along side some interesting modern interpretations of this ancient art form that consumed most of my time at the Met.

By the end of the day most of us had stayed at the museum from the time they opened the doors at 9:30am to the time we were literally kicked out at about 5:30pm.

After being pushed from the halls of the Met a group of us decided to use our new best friend, the subway, to span the 50 blocks from Central Park to a BBQ joint we scouted earlier in the week. Our after-dinner treat was to enjoy a show from our front row seats at the club Seinfeld made famous, Comic Strip Live, where we were heckled up close by some of the best comics in NY.

Later the group did what Wabash men are known for as we toured the bars of the Upper East Side. It was this night that I became the only one in the group to literally “never sleep” as I continued my bar tour with some new friends after my fellow wallies returned home. My triumphant return to the hostel at 9am for a shower and a change of clothes has been short lived as I find myself desiring a nap above all else.