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A Big Monday Night in New York

Today, Tuesday, has played out to be a much calmer day for me  after last night at the oldest bar in the nation.  Feeling quite groggy, with a nice sized headache and a churning stomach, I ventured out into the below freezing weather to meet the others.  Today we were going to visit the Chelsea Art Galleries in the Chelsea district.  We saw a lot of cool, innovative art as well as some stuff that shouldn’t really be called art. 

The event of the day occurred when we all got dressed up for a dinner with alumnus and trustee William Wheeler ‘83.  He treated us to an all expenses paid dinner fit for a king.  I had the filet and it was heavenly.  One of my comrades enjoyed the wine so much that he had to share it with Dr. Huebner’s shirt.  This comrade soon became a little weary and decided to take a quick nap through the end of dinner.  In the end, I chose to take it easy for the night, and get some much needed rest, while the others headed out into the New York night.