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Wabash College Staff Keeps Meet Running Along

Howard W. Hewitt - Canton, Ohio - I'm back at the motel while guys work the afternoon session of the final day of the NCAC Swimming and Diving Championships. This afternoon consists of the men's 1-meter and women's 3-meter diving, along with the mile swims. A long afternoon!

There will be plenty of fun highlights tonight, but no big event comes off without plenty of help. Each year one of the nine NCAC schools takes a turn hosting the swim event and this was Wabash's year.

Sports Information Director Brent Harris has worked the meet the last two years and has acted as meet director this week. It's no small accomplishment to keep track of all the details, scoring and timing, and keeping everyone happy... when you have swimmers, swim coaches, and parents to keep happy, too. He's really hustled and put in some long hours since our arrival here Wednesday evening.

Everyone working is a volunteer. With the exception of a few meals and a T-shirt, it's Wabash people organizing, planning, and solving problems much as they usually do. And, it is a bit of an eclectic group!

We have the Schroeder Career Center Director Scott Crawford at poolside with a stop watch. In Scott's words, not mine, he is "the back up to the back up" on manual timing each event. He got to sit through the multiple heats of the mile swim this afternoon. He did say this morning that he really liked his job — the one back at Wabash!

At almost any Wabash sporting event you'll run into our Athletic Trainer Mark Colston and this one is no different. He is the trainer for the meet. He's iced quite a few tender shoulders and a few knees. He has handed out pain reliever for the aches and pains — even for a photographer with a headache.

Jeff Oleck, assistant soccer coach, and Forrest Campbell '08 have spent a good amount of their time running back and forth from official scoring to the meet headquarters on the deck off the diving well. It's a thankless job of lots of sitting then lots of hustling but both have performed tasks without much complaint.

Wabash's Athletic Director Vern Mummert is the host A.D. and has mingled and made sure everyone had the things they needed to perform their tasks. Alison Kothe, a senior major gifts officer, was on business in the area and spent Thursday and Friday nights helping time.

I've spent most of my time taking pictures for this blog but also shot photos for the NCAC web site, Allegheny College, and Wittenberg. It's a long drive home Sunday, but one we'll be looking forward to after we wrap up tonight.

Sometime late tonight I'll have a wrap up on site with results. We'll probably have some additional information on Monday as well.


Thank you to all that helped Wabash host what was the finest run NCAC meet I have been too - no joke! Your hard work and dedication was noticed by the entire team - and it felt great having you all there supporting us through the meet.

A special thanks to Howard Hewitt for providing such wonderful coverage! What a fantastic job.

Peter Casares