Interviewing and jobbing

I’ve had a flurry of job-searching and interviewing recently. After doing a phone interview with Indianapolis-area IT consulting company Apparatus, I had the initial and final interview with them across these past two weeks. I also applied to another IT/Business consulting company, Allegient, and had an interview scheduled within a day of submitting my application, which I did Friday. What I find funny about these two opportunities combined is that, though I don’t have any direct IT experience, I’m having the most relative luck applying to such positions. I have more SEO/internet marketing experience, but haven’t gotten any bites from applying to those kinds of positions.

I have a few theories about why that is. Number one, my hunch is that the SEO/internet marketing positions get a ton of applicants–all sorts of my peers have relevant experience in those areas, since internet marketing is a common internship position and doesn’t require any advanced technical skills. Number two, it’s my impression that IT doesn’t necessarily require advanced technical skills–you’re not going to be writing programs or anything. Often, you’ll be using/troubleshooting advanced technical programs. So you may not need previous technical skills, since it’s likely the required program isn’t something you’ve had direct experience with. You just need to quickly learn new technical programs.

When IT is framed this way, it seems like a natural fit for me. Though my internet marketing experience hasn’t directly involved IT, it always involved quickly learning new programs. And of course, “learning how to learn” is one of the liberal arts’ perennial selling points. When I was in my first interview at Apparatus, I directly toted my Latin experience: much like IT, reading and researching for Latin involves jumping into unknown and complicated texts full of literary and grammatical nuances you don’t know yet. But you “fake it ’till you make it.”

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