Last things

I’ve been experiencing “last things” for a while this year, but a few are currently pressing. Last Thursday was the Pre-Law Peck Dinner. It’s kind of like homecoming for Wabash’s lawyers, featuring both fresh law school grads and established partners. It’s also an opportunity for us Pre-Law students to bask in our self-obsession and pride…I mean accomplishment. But seriously, the Peck Dinner features the Senior Peck Medal, given to someone in law who gives a lecture before dinner, and then several awards for students, including the Junior Peck Medal and a few scholarships. As a sophomore, I won the “Constitutional Law” award, which is based mostly on performance in Prof. Himsel’s class. This year, I was lucky enough to win the Nelson E. White Scholarship, which can be put to law school tuition. So I guess I have to go to law school now…

Of course, the dinner wasn’t about me. Congrats to Riley Floyd ’13 for winning the Junior Peck Medal, the most prestigious of the Pre-Law awards for undergrads. He’s definitely earned it. David Hamilton, a judge for the 7th Appeals Court, was honored with the Senior Peck Medal, and delivered a very interesting lecture beforehand. It was amazingly relevant to our class, as it touched on several “hot topics” in Constitutional interpretation: Originalism, intent, political polarization in judging…his basic thesis was, “Scalia’s originalism is bad judging.” Though I agree with some of his points, I think Constitutional interpretation is easier to criticize than it is to do. You can read the Wabash news report about the dinner here.

Also, on Monday night, my entire tutorial group is meeting for dinner. Well, the entire group minus one, who dropped out. But still, the fact that we’re all going to graduate is a wonder. Dr. Cook is doing the cooking. Though I’ve had plenty of contact with him in the past few years, many of the students haven’t, and it will be a blast from the past to see everyone together again.

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