The job search

First, I’d like to apologize to my fellow seniors for scaring them with such a title.

…But seriously. Since I didn’t become an Orr Fellow and decided against teaching corp programs, I’ve been on the official job hunt. I’m no longer applying to various kinds of post-grad programs or fellowships, with their special applications and rounds of interviews. My job hunt now resembles the grinding endeavor familiar to so many: resumes, cover letters, and networking.

There are certain things I like about it. I’m able to learn about specific companies and tailor my application to the position. But the downside is, applying to each individual position takes a fair amount of effort, and even more time. Then there’s the networking. Meeting and talking to people is honestly the easiest and most fruitful part, it’s just difficult to do when you live in Crawfordsville and have a schedule full of classes and extra-curriculars (alright, I’m only in 3 classes, and one of them meets once a week…But the Newman Center is as busy as ever, OK!).

It would be much easier to simply wait until I graduate to step on the gas. But I really don’t want to wait until then. Not only am I afraid of limited spots by the time I graduate, but I also just want the peace of mind. I want to graduate knowing what I’ll be doing in a week.

In other news, this is the last week before Spring Break. Then I go to London. Then my semester is halfway over. Again, sorry seniors for scaring you.

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