Wabash and manliness

I went to the most interesting student presentation I’ve ever been to–Daniel King ‘10 talked about his psychology study, in which he determined that more Wabash men test as “masculine,” as opposed to “feminine,” than DePauw men, and that “masculine” Wabash men are more “masculine” than “masculine” DePauw men.

Now, if there’s one study that’s suited for audience, this is it. He posed as a psychology student from IU, infiltrated DePauw’s cafeteria, and retrieved surveys from unsuspecting Dannies. Analyzing the surveys, he found that Wabash men are more manly than DePauw men. Of course, no one on this campus needs a study to confirm that. But it does give us a little bit more bragging rights. (Though who would trust a researcher from Wabash?)

As an impartial judge, I’d have to agree with King. Being around guys all the time makes “feminine” things…not very appealing. To use stereotypes, who wants to scrapbook when you can bro out?

Enough of that…I just got back from a forfeited softball game. TKE didn’t show up. C’mon Tyler Swaim.

This weekend is Lilly Weekend…I’ll address that next blog. However, I would just like to say that I’m very disappointed I didn’t get invited to this year’s Lilly dinner. Icicle in my heart.

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