Slow and steady is terrible

I’m sitting in my room, lonely, as the other kids are playing outside. Ok, not exactly. But being a methodical, studious worker and writer of papers can be a bummer when “Pan-Hel” week is going on.

For those of you who don’t know, it stands for “Pan-Hellenic.” It mimics the Greek games, except its performed by fraternities. Activities include poker, dodgeball cornhole, and shopping cart races. To be honest, the shopping cart race might be today. Or tomorrow. I’ve been so wrapped up this week.

It’s not like other students, who are busy when they have more than one paper due a week. I don’t. I just work slow. Plus, I hadn’t been assigned any Economics homework for almost a week, so I read 3 (!) chapters Tuesday night. I spent this afternoon in Lafayette, testing to become a Census worker. The thing about papers here is, you already have so much daily homework and commitments, that you have to work on papers either late at night or on weekends. Both of these habits are terrible. However, until I’m proved wrong, I believe they’re both necessary for success here.

Which brings me to my current state–I still have daily homework to do before I can start on an introduction and a paper, both due next week. It’s true that Pan-Hel week probably doesn’t measure up to Homecoming week. However, I would like to remember something about this week’s activities besides the “Pan-Hel” mug that’s on my desk.

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2 Responses to Slow and steady is terrible

  1. Karen Gill says:

    That’s the stuff college is made of, Michael. It’s what you’ll remember with your college buddies long after you’re graduated, not the paper writing, so my advice is to take advantage of as many of those opportunities as possible.

  2. Wow great post… Thanks ..