I come home, I am lazy

To all my readers who have been frantically checking my homepage since school got out, hoping for even a tiny update: I apologize. There’s something about coming home that makes me inexcusably lazy. Maybe it’s because I surrounded by movies, videogames, friends, and good food. I just get the urge to do absolutely nothing constructive.


I entered my christmas break with the lofty goals of applying for several internships and studying for Spanish. Needless to say, neither was accomplished to my desired extent. I’ve studied Spanish for about three hours, total. I don’t know what Spanish 202 will be like when I start on Monday. The last time I was in a Spanish class was last May. I didn’t apply for any internships, either. My most desired one, actually an externship to DC over spring break, sponsored by Career Services, totally escaped my procrastinating attention. ie, I misread the deadline. Whoops!


Other noteworthy events: 



-Playing videogames with my best friend Jake


Alright, so my break was not very noteworthy. Tomorrow I head back to Wabash. I have as much stuff to bring now as I did the first day, since now, I have an office chair, an ottoman set, and, gasp, a FRIDGE! I am very excited. 


I cannot wait to see people back at FIJI, get my room set up, and take my pledge final. Har har, kidding on the last part.

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