Bell Week starts

The calm before the storm. By that, I mean the weekend before Bell Week. After writing a paper Friday (What else is there to do?) Wabash College was paid a visit by comedian Alonzo Bodden. He was pretty political; you could see a couple kids squirming in response to his routine. However, he pulled it off pretty well. He managed to make fun of Crawfordsville and Wabash College without offending anyone…I think. He did do a good job of addressing and poking fun at Wabash’s quirks. Definitely a good choice of the SCAC.
Also Saturday morning, I picked up trash along FIJI’s section of 231. That makes 14.5 hours of the 25 I need for initiation.
Sunday, I planned out my courses, ensuring none fill up. I’l continue with Latin, start up Spanish 202, take Economics 101, Political Science 111 and Rhetoric 201. Maybe I’ll get started on a possible major, maybe not.
And tonight, my pledge class guards the campus from the invading Dannies from the south. I don’t know if we’ll actually be invaded. If they do cross our borders, they’ll have to deal with 20 freshman before taking another step. Of course, other students take part, too. However, I’d like to think us pledges form the backbone of Wabash College security. 
More soon.
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