Book problems, problems

I am having a terrible experience trying to get my hands on the book East and West for my religion class, especially in regard to a certain website. I mean, wow. I first ordered it about three weeks ago, just in time, or so I thought, for my paper over it to arrive. I soon realized that since it was an international seller, the book wouldn’t ship soon enough to allow me ample time to read it. So I canceled the order. Next day, Professor Cook told me I can switch the East and West assignment with the next assignment. Crisis averted, since I already had the other book.
But I still needed East and West. Normally, I would’ve purchased it from the bookstore. But, they’ve been out since the first day of class. Next, I would look to Amazon. Out of stock. So, I had to resort to the least reliable source…websites other than Amazon. I ended up at a professional-looking website, It’s polished. It resembles a typical large online store. I found and purchased East and West, with 2-day shipping. 
That was October 7th. 
I first started to get suspicious when I didn’t get a confirmation email; nor was I able to login to my account to view my order. See, I didn’t want to cram this book, so I wanted to make sure it would arrive soon. But the website server wouldn’t let me login. So I typed in “” in the Google search bar. Maybe you’ve typed a phrase in, like “Why do,” to see what the most common searches are beginning with that phrase. The fifth phrase that starts with “” “Scam.” Then “phone number,” then “complaints” later on the list.
You can see for yourself what people are saying about the website. takes days to process.It lists no phone number on the website. Shipping times are measured in weeks. Refunds and cancellations are delayed. Confirmation emails arrive slowly. Yet credit cards are charged immediately. (I paid with debit) Is a scam by definition? I don’t think so. It just has horrible customer service.
The spawn of Satan himself.
When I finally managed to login to my account at, I saw that my item was not only in stock, but still pending! It’s been almost three weeks since my debit card was charged, yet the order is pending. Terrible customer service.
Once I realized the absolute disaster of ordering from, I started looking for another seller, preferably one that ships fast. I found an Amazon seller from Delaware. Shipping time: 5-8 days. Alright, cool, I thought. I ordered it October 12th. The delivery date is now listed as between October 20th-November 3rd. My paper is due November 4th.
What all this means is, if I don’t get East and West in the mail by the end of this week, I’m going to have to shell out another $50 at the college bookstore, which, oddly enough, just got shipments of it. I could cancel my order, but judging from the comments of others, I would never get that $60 back. If neither shipment arrives this week, I’m going to have to shell out a total of $170 for a book to write a paper on that’s going to suck because I didn’t have time to read the material.
Lesson learned? Order textbooks as soon as possible. And avoid like the plague.


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2 Responses to Book problems, problems

  1. Jim Dyer says:

    Michael: I too recommend disputing the charge with your credit card company. There is normally a goods and services clause that allows you dispute charges up to 60 days after the transaction. I know of no reputable credit card firm that would not allow you to do this. Questions? Drop me an email or ask Rob Dyer for my number. I worked for Citibank and Capital One for many years.