Tweets, retweets, twitterati, livetweeting…

I think I’m getting addicted to Twitter. Alright, not really “addicted.” But I’m starting to see the appeal. Though I usually don’t possess deep wisdom, it’s fun to track what the internet is talking about. I can update Twitter on my iPod, which then goes to my Facebook status too. I can’t wait for my Twitter feed to be posted on my blog homepage…
And of course, there are just so many possible plays on the word "twitter," it’s a blast.

So I’ve now reached the second stage of second practice, I believe. The challenge is not to forgot the words, but to continue singing in the face of distraction. The brothers say the Sphinx Clubbers look for smiles, which are hard to avoid when faced with certain antics. Nevertheless, I’m working in frowning and singing louder whenever I’m approached.
This weekend, I’ll have been on campus for a whole month. Can you believe that? One funny thing is that, besides going out to eat with my family one Sunday, every little activity I’ve done and every place I’ve gone to has involved Wabash College. I haven’t even been to Wal-mart. And when I do, I’ll probably go with a pledge brother. Wow. 
Finally, I’m getting a good 6+ hours of sleep every night. It’s great. But I get the feeling that soon, the figure will shrink. Especially when our pledge class starts on our float, which I believe we still have to finalize an idea for. I suggested a catapult, but that might be too difficult. But since we’re liberal arts students, we should be able to learn. I made a trebuchet that was a foot tall, a man-sized one shouldn’t be too big of a leap.
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2 Responses to Tweets, retweets, twitterati, livetweeting…

  1. Jim Carper says:

    There is no privacy to tweeting, which the President now knows! You could get more than 6 hours of sleep if you didn’t spend so much time keeping up on the “news” So now we need to sign up for twitter too, to keep track of you? Mom

  2. Reed Hepburn says:

    I like the trebuchet idea. Reach for the stars.