Rove and Dean and football

I’ve been to two competitions this weekend.. The first was civil, fun to watch, and a little surprising. The other was rough, difficult to see, and much louder. I am, of course, referring to the debate between Karl Rove and Howard Dean at DePauw last night, and the Wabash home football game against Denison this afternoon. 
The first of these battles began as a carpool from the College Democrats arrived at DePauw’s campus. The first thing that hit me was, “Wow, there are girls here.” What a shocker. I’m not familiar with the level of media attention devoted to the debate, but the crowd seemed to be made up of mostly students and residents of Greencastle. Though the subject of the debate was unspecified, the issue on the minds of the conservative and liberal demonstrators was clearly healthcare. Maybe demonstrators isn’t the right diction; the protestors didn’t bring more than a dozen signs and a table or two, total.
After standing in line and finally entering the auditorium, the wait began for the esteemed debaters. Believe it or not, the event started on time. Prudent politicians are a rare breed. 
The issues ranged from healthcare to torture to the deficit. I won’t go over them here (You can read the transcript and watch the video on our rival’s website.) The best part of the debate was, in my opinion, how Rove and Dean would seamlessly transition from blaming the other party for each problem to addressing the “lack of incivility” in modern politics. Politics is a fickle game.
The second game took place this afternoon. It was my first time at a Wabash football game. Though it was just as unpredictable as the debate, the conditions were less than desirable, as I ran back and forth on the skirts of the field with my pledge brothers, attempting to catch a glimpse of a play. 
The crowd was definitely more spirited in this contest. Though Howard Dean stirred up the auditorium with a retort about insurance bureaucrats, a stunning catch and “Old Wabash” simply blows applause out of the water.
While Howard Dean and Karl Rove aren’t running for office and possess no concrete platform, the football team had a definite goal, which it achieved, winning 56-7. Whether politics or football is your cup of tea, there’s something for everyone in the Monon area.
Also, I would like to give a shout-out to the sonorous voice of the Little Giants, Tyler Wade.

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