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Time to Step it up

I'm really getting bad about showing up once every two weeks and cramming 14 days worth of thoughts into 30 minutes of rambling.  Yet here I am again, coming to you in my recovery stage.  Yes, Spring Break recovery.  I never really mentioned my plans for Spring Break, other than that I was going somewhere tropical, but given that my friends and I have returned home safely, I feel more confident that criticisms of my destination choice will be slightly less in quantity.  So all last week, 7 of my friends and I were in Cancun, Mexico for our vacation.  Our selection had received a considerable amount of condemnation from the likes of our parents, and rightfully so given the always volatile situation that Mexico seems to be providing these days, but everything turned out fine.  We all had a wonderful time, the weather was perfect (about 85 and sunny every day), and we all got along quite well throughout the course of the week.  Often times, when you spend the better part of eight days with a group of people, you kind of begin to grow weary of each other, but that didn't really seem to be the case.  We all got along very well, and we were more ready to return home because the lifestyle down there is conducive to shorter stays rather than anything longer than a week.  I'm not going to get into too many details, but no one got arrested, no one went to the hospital, and we're all safely back home.  That's as far as I need to go in a public forum.  

So the fact that we're already back from Spring Break means that there are only like seven weeks of school left.  That's kind of scary, truthfully, especially considering I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to be doing once I graduate.  It is hard to believe though.  It sounds as cliched as anything I can think of, but the four years of college truly do fly by.  Evan Isaacs and I talk all the time about how fast everything has gone, about how our senior year was going to be the best ever, and about how we were going to take advantage of only having three classes and live life to the fullest.  And we absolutely have.  Starting out the year, I would say we had a few main goals going into it.  1) Win the Bell back.  Check.  2) Go on an unforgettable Spring Break (we hadn't really had a big one as a group for the previous three years).  Check.  3) Not be killing ourselves in the second semester with difficult classes that we should have taken the previous three years.  Check.  4 would probably be have a job lined up following graduation, but considering that one is not yet accomplished, we'll put that at the lowest level of importance.  But three out of four isn't all that bad.  Still is hard to believe though that 3/4 of my senior year is finished.  And everyone talks all the time about how excited they are to get out of Wabash.  Seemingly every day I hear people talk about how they can't wait to spring this joint.  Count me as one of their detractors.  I'm not ready to be done yet.  If I had my choice, I would go another year here.  Not necessarily so I can put off the real world (ok, somewhat), but because college has been the best four years of my life, and leaving here will be like starting over.  Plus the thought of not knowing where I'll be six months from now leaves me a little bit leery as well.  

But at least the weather seems to be looking up.  That is something that I consistently complain about throughout the early months of the year, so to come home to 50 and sunny doesn't seem too bad.  I don't want to jinx it, but I truly hope I'm done looking at snow for the rest of my college life.  

It seems like I haven't really written about anything sports-related in a while, and given that it's the favorite time of the year for sports enthusiasts everywhere, I might as well talk a little March Madness.  I'm going to be honest though - I'm less informed this year about the top teams and sleeper picks than any year in the past.  I know that Kentucky and Kansas are the absolute class of the field, that much is clear to me.  But why in the world did they both get placed in the two toughest brackets?  Kansas' bracket is a killer.  Let me get this straight, you go 32-2, are widely considered the best team in the country for the entire year, win the Big 12 Tournament, and this is what you're faced with: 2 Seeded Ohio State, who very easily could have been a 1 Seed after finishing strong and winning the Big Ten Tournament in convincing fashion.  3 Seeded Georgetown, who just beat 1 Seed Syracuse, and very nearly won the Big East Tournament.  5 Seeded Michigan State, whose head coach is renowned for getting more out of the talent on his team than any other coach in college basketball - oh, and he's taken them to 5 Final Fours, including an improbable trip to the final game last year.  6 Seeded Tennessee, who although up and down, can score 100 points any given game, and beat the two best teams in the country throughout the year.  Round that out with 7 Seeded Oklahoma State, who handed Kansas one of their two losses this year, and Kansas clearly has the toughest road to Indy.  

That being said, I'm taking them anyway.  And I'm taking Kentucky.  I feel like they've had enough close games this year to make all that talk about their youthfulness insignificant.  This team is battle-tested, and far more times than not, they've won.  Syracuse seemingly has the easiest road to the Final Four, and I really don't think they'll be tested until maybe the Elite Eight.  Pittsburgh is a team that could surprise, but I'm going to be boring, and go with Syracuse.  As for the South, Duke is a team that perennially chokes, so look for them to lose to Louisville in the second round, or possibly Villanova a little further down the road.  Not sure who I'm picking out of the South, but it won't be Duke.  I'll take 'Nova, I guess.

You can tell that my college basketball knowledge is far inferior to that of my football knowledge.  Although I did pick the Colts to convincingly win the Super Bowl, so I guess that shows how much I know.  I guess we'll find out for sure starting in a couple days.  But for now, I'm getting out of here.  Hope everyone has an awesome week, and good luck filling out those brackets.  Just be leery of Duke.  I'm out.