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Got that Itis

Today, my roommate Evan Isaacs and I were discussing how to go about studying for our religion mid-term that is scheduled for tomorrow.  My plan was to go to the library and look over the notecards that I had written out for myself.  Evan's plan seemed to be similar, but I should have known it would be different when he told me as I left for the library, "I'm getting a case of senioritis."  Translation: Evan stayed at the house and played Mario Kart on Super Nintendo (old school, I know, but still a classic).  He probably took a nap too.  Which sounds like a far better afternoon than I had slaving away in the library learning about the Shang Dynasty.  Don't know if our respective studying techniques will be reflected in our grades, but the point was already made.  And I'm getting there as well.  It's hard to stay completely motivated when you've passed comps and it's all downhill from here.  Granted, I still need all of these classes to graduate, but the hard part is over.  

Lately, it has become hard to resist the temptation of an afternoon filled with sleep and Mario Kart.  Although sleep is something that Evan and I typically don't need during the day.  Seemingly every day when we walk into our religion class, Dr. Blix asks the class how many hours of sleep we all got last night.  He generally starts with 9 (because for the most part, 10 hours is getting into the "unattainable" stratosphere; but I often pull it off).  Typically, Evan and I are the only ones in the class to raise our hands when we're in the "9" category.  As he decreases from 8-5, the number of hands usually increases, then dwindles as we get into the 4-1 range.  This has not been lost on Dr. Blix as of late.  Seeing as how Evan and I are typically the only ones who sleep 37.5% of the day, he recently questioned us as to how we got so much sleep.  My answer was simple - second semester of our senior year.  What else should we be doing?  I really don't get the kids who are pulling all-nighters or only getting a couple of hours though.  Doesn't this all come down to time management?  

I can count on one finger the number of times I've stayed in the library past midnight for the past four years.  One finger.  That's one time.  And I understand I'm not a Biology, Chemistry, or Econ major - I get that.  Believe me, I've been reminded frequently enough over the previous four years to remember that.  But come on, people.  I still don't get how you can only find time for a couple hours of sleep a day; make it a priority for God's sake.  And I think a lot of it comes down to this - Facebook is evil when it comes to procrastination.  There is a friend of mine who complains all the time about how much work he has to do, about having to write endless papers, and is always in the library.  Yet, when I go into the library and see said friend, he is A) On Facebook or B) Engaged in a verbal war with someone else.  And when I have the nerve to ask him why he's complaining about being busy all the time, he pulls out the always popular, "Well, I'm not a rhetoric major."  Whatever.  You're terrible at managing your time.  Enjoy being tired every day.  

One of the main things I have not had trouble getting motivated to do lately is go tanning.  Wow, I never got the appeal of it before now, but seeing as how I'm heading somewhere tropical over spring break, and I didn't want to get absolutely cooked and have my vacation ruined, I gave in for the first time ever and decided to fake-tan it.  I totally get the cast of Jersey Shore now.  10 minutes, radio on, no hassle, and BAM -  beautiful tan skin (or in my case, slightly red yet not unsightly skin).  Gosh, only four more days until I'm out of this joint, headed to an 80 degree and sunny paradise for six days.  My senioritis certainly will not get in the way of that.  

Okay, time to roll out.  Need to get a good start on getting my 9 solid hours of sleep.  Hope everyone enjoys their week, and if I don't get back before Saturday (highly likely), have a wonderful and safe Spring Break.  In getting more sleep than you, I'm out.  


So not only do you slam Evan (Oh look at me I study all day every day while Evan just plays Mario Kart. Guess that’s why he is beating you now) but also doubly slam Watson. And, more generally, you slam roughly 80% of the campus for being "terrible at managing their time." I see you’re not trying to make many friends. Conversely to you, I think I can count the number of time I have slept past 9 hours on one finger (I am not really complaining it is just my choice to stay up, I am just saying).

Regardless, I am glad to hear you are jacked as I am to start Spring Break. And who cares if you just alienated the majority of the campus, after all you are a senior.

PS: You know for someone who has sooooo much time on their hands you took your sweet time to update this blog (and it has been forever since we have done our show).