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September 29, 2009

Well that wasn't too hard...

Now that the Colts are done with Sunday night games for a while, I can most likely get back to my typical Sunday night blog.  So to my loyal readers, I apologize for taking so long to get to a recap of the weekend.  But better late than never, so here we go.  Good win for the Wabash football team this past weekend in our homecoming game.  As was expected, we had our typical homecoming crowd of 5,000 (thank you to all who showed up) and we played our typical homecoming game, which has essentially become a beatdown every year.  My good friend Evan Isaacs and I differ when it comes to our homecoming game preferences.  I, personally, like playing a team that we know we will most likely defeat.  In the past few years, we've played the likes of Kenyon and Earlham, teams that quite frankly, we should beat without too much of an issue.  I enjoy this, because I don't have to get to stressed out throughout the week (like you will see me this week, and the weeks of Wittenberg, Wooster, and DePauw), and I can enjoy the homecoming festivities like Chapel Sing (side note on this... Denver Wade was once again the biggest disappointment of the year.  I thought the whole reason you joined Sphinx Club was so you could abuse the freshmen during this event.  Maybe he's just a nicer guy than I am).  Mr. Isaacs, on the other hand, claims that he would prefer to play one of the best teams on our schedule the week of homecoming.  In high school, he said that they played the almighty Warren Central for homecoming his senior year.  So I'm thinking, okay, that's awesome.  You play Warren Central, you pull the upset, and all is well with the world.  But wait... they lost.  And you're telling me you would still prefer to play a team that you might actually lose to?  How can you enjoy homecoming if you lose?  In short, thank you Wabash football schedule-makers for scheduling teams that we've beat for homecoming for the last 15 years.  

But I digress about the schedule-making.  It was a good win for us on Saturday.  I felt like we played probably our best game of the three that we've played so far, especially on offense.  They really couldn't stop us.  We scored on our first 7 drives of the game, 6 of them touchdowns.  It's really hard to beat us when we have the passing game and running game working like they have been.  Tommy Mambourg has played great at running back.  Wes Chamblee and Kody Lemond have each played excellent at receiver.  I don't know how many teams can say that they have three different players who all have 5 combined touchdowns through three games, but it cannot be very many.  Once again, the offensive line played excellent, not allowing a sack for the 3rd straight game.  In fact, I only got touched once all day.  Once.  That's it.  That's pretty good protection... needless to say I need to buy them donuts or something.  And what can you really say about the defense?  They've played awesome the first three games, and I expect that to continue.  I don't envy the quarterbacks who have to play us, that's for sure.  

Okay, so moving on to my NFL thoughts from this past weekend.  1) The Colts offense is legit.  Three receivers with multiple touchdowns through three games this season.  Manning looks poised to take that 4th MVP award  Wonder what Marvin Harrison is doing right now...  2) Perhaps the most pathetic NFL stat I've ever come across; the Cleveland Browns have scored one offensive touchdown in their last 9 games.  One.  ONE.  That is just sad.  And seemingly impossible.  The Raiders think that the Browns offense is a joke.  3) Second-most pathetic NFL stat I've ever seen: JaMarcus Russell of the Raiders is completing 41.3% of his passes through three games.  I'm speechless.  Starting to look like Ryan Leaf part II.  4) I don't care what anyone's feelings on Brett Favre are.  Outside of the bitter Packers fans, there isn't anyone who didn't love seeing his game-winning touchdown pass on Sunday.  5) The Lions are going to the Superbowl!  6) Which state is more pathetic?  Florida (combined record 1-8) or Missouri (combined record 0-6)?  Sad day to be a football fan in one of those two states (especially considering Tebow's head is still ringing).  7) I give Terrell Owens one more catchless game before he throws his first and last Buffalo temper-tantrum.

Okay, that's about it for today.  Hope everyone has a good week.  In getting to Allegheny in under 10 hours... I'm out.  

September 23, 2009

Now the fun can begin...

...because it really hasn't felt like homecoming week so far, which is particularly sad because this is pretty much my favorite week of the year.  It seems like in the past, the events of this week have been more evident (maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention?); maybe they've just been toned down a little bit?  I assume all of that will end tomorrow with Chapel Sing, which is without a doubt, one of my favorite events of the year.  Seeing over 100 freshmen on the mall getting harassed by the Sphinx Club (my good friend Denver Wade, in particular) is certainly one of the highlights of my year.  A quick tangent about my expectations for Denver, if I may.  Last year, he was without a doubt, the biggest disappointment during the Chapel Sing experience.  I truly expected Denver to make one of the freshmen cry with his outrageous behavior, but it didn't happen.  In fact, he was downright polite, not even going as far as to utter a condescending or rude word in the direction of a freshman.  Some of you may be thinking, "That just means Denver is a classy guy."  No, that is not the way to think when it comes to this event; and I certainly don't feel that way.  It's supposed to be a spectacle, and seeing Mr. Wade in his striped overalls being kind to the freshmen, who are simply asking for harassment, was one of the more disappointing experiences all of last year.  So in moving forward, no pressure to break out of your shell, D-Wade.  But I digress.

So I would like to think one of the highlights of the week for most people on campus would be the homecoming football game, so I'm going to take some time to address this week's game.  As you know, there will be no tips about how we're planning on attacking Kenyon's defense, or anything similar to that.  What I can tell you, is that we've had a decent week of practice, and will definitely be ready for all of the defenses that they'll throw at us on Saturday.  Kenyon comes into this week's game 1-2, after a win against Hiram last week.  Last year, we beat them 55-13 at their place, but it may not be that big of a disparity this year.  They have a really explosive offense (so far this season, I kind of feel bad for our defense, because it seems like I'm always talking about the other team's offense as opposed to the guys that I will actually be facing).  But I can't feel too bad for our defense, considering they've given up 17 point over the course of 2 games.  Basically, I wouldn't want to face them.  But Kenyon has a good running back, a really good receiver who hurt us last year, and a solid quarterback.  Overall, it should be a pretty good game, and I'm really looking forward to it.  It's hard to beat the homecoming atmosphere that features all of the freshmen fraternity guys and their floats, as well as about 5,000 Wabash fans in the stands.  My biggest bone to pick with the whole homecoming festivities is that they do them at halftime.  Couldn't they do them at some point when I would get to see them?  Sure, we can see the floats outside the frats on Friday night, but come on, I want to enjoy the show during the game.  Maybe we could petition Coach Raeburn with a "If we're up a certain amount at halftime, we get to stay in the endzone (like back in middle school) at halftime" suggestion.  Doubt it will work, but I'm just saying.  

So I take it by now everyone has seen the highlights or at least heard about the Colts game the other night?  It was one of those games that over the course of the game, the whole time, you are super frustrated because we apparently suck and the defense can't get off the field... BUT...(and I told my dad this on the phone before the game was over, so he can vouch that I'm not lying) you know that they will pull it out because Peyton Manning still plays for the Colts.  I wasn't to the point of punting a defenseless animal into the ceiling (as my blog from last December implied), but I was getting there.  Seriously, I hope I can find another team to base the happiness of my week/year on once 18 retires, because there is no one out there who can do it like him.  Seriously, as Colts fans, we have enjoyed arguably the best 10 year run in the history of professional football (okay, so we've only won one Super Bowl; be quiet, cynics).  We are so spoiled that we would have been mad at Peyton if the Colts had lost the other night, and he had the ball for 15 MINUTES!  I would argue that no other person in the world could have done what he did the other night.  It just wouldn't have happened.  You don't have the ball for 15 minutes and win in the NFL.  End of story.  So all of you Bears fans who think that the best story in the NFL from week 2 was Chicago beating the Steelers, bite your tongue.  Show me a game where Jay Cutler wins the game with 8 possessions and we'll talk.  

Okay, time to get out of here.  Hope everyone can make it out to the game this weekend, it should be an awesome time!  Wabash has the best fans in college football, and the field will be rocking on Saturday.  In hopefully having the ball for more than 15 minutes... I'm out.  

September 20, 2009

Back from Chi-Town...

... and I'm in worse shape than when I left.  Not sure how or why (I have some thoughts, that I will get to later) I'm sitting here barely able to move my head in any direction but straight forward, but that is the case for me.  All complaining about the health of my neck aside, I had a wonderful weekend.  Today consisted of sleeping in, a brief practice, then dinner and football time (my typical Sunday night ritual) with my townie grandfather.  Add a solid win yesterday on top of that, and it was a solid weekend.  Now my favorite week of the year can begin... homecoming week.  All you freshmen better bring it this year.  But seeing as how it's only Sunday, let's recap yesterday a little bit.

So we played the University of Chicago yesterday, and going into it, we knew that it wasn't really going to be an easy game.  We beat them at our place last year 49-7 in a game that was probably a little closer than the score indicated.  But yesterday, at least until the late second quarter, we were in a dogfight.  We started fast with Mr. Lemond doing his usual thing, catching a touchdown on our first drive of the game.  A couple turnovers and touchdowns later, we're up 24-10 with like three minutes to go in the half.  Defense makes a great stop, and the next thing I know, we're ready to run our two-minute drill from inside our own 30.  One Lemond stutter step here, a decent throw by me there, it's 31-10 and I feel much better than I did 30 seconds ago.  Defense steps up again, causes another turnover, Wes Chamblee doubles his receiving TDs from last year, and we're up 38-10 going into the break.  Now make no mistake about it, those were the highlights.  The second half consisted of basically nothing but lowlights.  Don't get me wrong, we did some good things, but on the whole, in the second half the offense played about as bad as we could have.  The young guys came in late in the 4th quarter and accomplished more on one drive than we could in about five.  The best thing about the second half was that our defense held them scoreless.  Our defense is sick.  And I mean that in a good way.  They are really good.  I wouldn't want to play against them, and I know that most teams we play won't want to either.

Oh, and as far as why my neck hurts today.  I threw a pick on our second possession of the game, and I remembered as I chased after the guy that a precedent had been set.  My sophomore year, when we were playing Case Western in the second round of the playoffs, I threw a pick at the end of the first half.  I was so mad, that I chased the guy down, and leveled him.  One of the best shots of my defensive career.  As a QB who doesn't get the opportunity for hammer hits very often, you can imagine my excitement.  So yesterday, as I'm running at this kid, I'm thinking the exact same thing.  Hammer hit, here I come.  Little did I know that he was running faster than me, and apparently wasn't as small as he seemed... he leveled me.  Just think; interception and cleaning the quarterback in the same play.  He did go down though.  Pretty sure I cushioned his fall.  After watching my head hit the ground in slow motion today, it's really no surprise why my neck hurts.  But I digress.  

So overall, we win 48-10, and there are no major injuries to report, so it's kind of hard to be too disappointed, even if we didn't play the best we could have.  But much like last year's team (the game against Denison comes to mind), we're not going to be satisfied unless we play as well as we possibly can.  I felt like we played better against Denison the first game than we played yesterday, and I think that was particularly disappointing to everyone.  Usually you make your greatest improvements of the season from week 1 to week 2.  Hopefully we can alter that to be week 2 to week 3 instead.  But a win is a win, and you'll take them any way you can get them.  I'm sure I'll be reminded of this very blog if we win a close one late in the season.  You simply don't take wins for granted, and the perfectionist side of me needs to be reminded of that sometimes.  

I really have to thank everyone who came to the game in Chicago yesterday.  What a great showing by the Wabash alumni.  We literally outnumbered Chicago's fans 2-1.  People may not understand it, but it is so much easier to play in front of a "home" crowd.  And it's not just that way in Chicago.  It's literally everywhere we go.  The game against Wittenberg last year comes to mind, how we had just as many fans as they did, even though it was about a 4 hour drive.  Wabash has the best fans in small-college football, and I can speak for all of the players when I tell you guys how much we appreciate it.  But especially yesterday, I must thank everyone for showing up, and apologize for a weak second half.  

Okay, as has become customary, let's get on to my NFL thoughts from week 2.  1) Not really sure who that guy impersonating Tom Brady was today.  Pretty sure you could count on less than one hand how many times he's ever been less than 50% in a game.  2) I will be the first person to admit I was wrong if the Patriots don't win the division.  I would be happy to be wrong about everything if it means the Patriots not being successful.  3) JaMarcus Russell was 7-24 today.  The 7-year old QBs of the local youth league think that is bad.  4) The Saints have put up 45 and 48 points in their first 2 weeks. Drew Brees may have MVP wrapped up. (Okay, AP may have something to say about it.)  5) Brett Favre is 37-48 with 3 TDs and no picks in two games.  Old man apparently can still play.  (Don't expect that no interception thing to continue, though)  6) THE BEARS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!  7) How did Coach Raeburn lose a game at Coe with the Bills' Fred Jackson on his team?  330 total yards in his first 2 games.  (must have been the defense)  

Okay, time to go watch Sunday Night Football and see if Jerry Jones' palace truly measures up to the Taj Mahal.  I'll be back later this week with my thoughts on homecoming and ideally with full use of my neck.  I'm out.  

September 18, 2009

Heading up to Chi-Town

That's right, packing my things right now, and am about to head up to Chicago for the game this weekend. Very excited about it too, because it's been a very long week, and I'm ready for it to be over with.  School kind of got real this week (a couple papers, and an increased work load), and honestly, next week is pretty much my favorite week of the year.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing freshmen ridiculed during chapel sing or seeing the most ridiculous floats.  The only thing that would make me happier is if we had our halftime break out on the field so I could see all the stuff that goes on.  But we'll get to that next week.  Most importantly, what lies ahead this weekend?

So we're playing the University of Chicago, who we played at home last year and beat.  But they seem to be much improved, and are coming off a big win against next week's opponent Kenyon, last weekend.  They have some good defensive players capable of making big plays, and also a couple running backs who we will definitely have to shut down in order to put forth a good showing.  I'm looking forward to it, though.  Should be a good game.  Nothing new to report as far as the gameplan goes.  I'm sure they'll get a steady dose of Tommy Mambourg, and don't be surprised if I throw the ball to Wes Chamblee or that Kody guy a time or two.  

Sorry for being brief, but I gotta get on the road!  Everyone have an awesome weekend, and be safe.  Will report back Sunday night.  I'm out.  

September 15, 2009

It normally doesn't take this long...

...but I've been busy.  Sunday afternoon practice and a physics project that overlaps a two night period will do that to you.  So to those of you who checked my blog on Monday morning and found no post-game report, I apologize.  Besides, there really wasn't anything terribly exciting to report (when you consider that the game was exciting for... maybe the first two minutes).  But oh well, I'll do what I can.  For those of you who rely on my blog for your Wabash football news, we won this past weekend over Denison 56-7 in our first game of the season.  For those of you who think that I'm just going to build every team we play up and not be completely honest with you... you may be partially right (considering my avoidance of "blackboard material"), but I really had no idea that it was going to be like that.  After all, Denison returned like 10 of 11 starters on defense and were picked in the top half of our conference in the pre-season.  Truth be told, we played really well as a team.  Not to say there weren't plenty of mistakes, because there were, but I can honestly say that was by far the best first-game effort by any team I've ever been a part of.  Teams aren't typically that sharp their first time on the field, but that wasn't us.  And the football experts say that a team improves the most from the first game to the second game; if that's true, then I'll be very impressed with how we play this coming weekend at Chicago.

But to kind of wrap up the Denison game, excellent performance by Wes Chamblee on Saturday.  Many of you may remember me talking about Wes and how he was so unselfish last year with Kody getting a large percentage of the touchdowns and accolades, but how he never stopped working at getting better, eventually peaking in an incredible game against Case Western in the playoffs last year.No one worked harder this off-season than Wes, and it showed with his incredible game on Saturday.  On offense, he touched the ball 6 times... and had 3 touchdowns.  So not a bad day at all, especially when you throw in his return numbers as well.  Tommy Mambourg, who filled in for our starting running back Derek Yoder played excellent, going for 120 and a TD, and what can you say about Mr. Excitement Kody Lemond?  Somehow, he never fails to amaze me (if you haven't seen the picture or video of his one-handed touchdown catch in the 3rd quarter Saturday, you really need to make that happen).  Defense played awesome as well, and I was so happy to see Matt Kraft back on the field after missing last year.  There's no one better on that field than Matt when he gets going, and he certainly instills fear in the heart of the offense.  Hollywood couldn't have scripted a better story than what we saw with his first-play touchdown on Saturday.  I've never been so happy to see our team get an excessive celebration penalty.  

So last week, I promised an NFL preview blog, and somehow, it never materialized.  I'm sure we learned a lot after one weekend of NFL football, but I can assure you that what I was planning to say goes something like this, and has not been tailored based on what I saw over the weekend.

A) Jay Cutler is not going to be the Bears' savior.  Chicago is where quarterbacks go to die.  Not only does he have NO receivers, but after mid-October, Chicago will play their home games in 23 degree weather with 38 MPH winds; not the weather most conducive to a quarterback's success.  Bears fans, prepare to be disappointed.

B) This will NOT be the year the Colts take a step back.  I'm saying they go 11-5, and after all, how big of a step back is that?  Anytime you have 18 on the field, you have a chance.  Running game should be better, defense will be more aggressive, and Peyton won't miss 88 as much as most people think.  

C) The Brett Favre experiment in Minnesota will go HORRIBLY wrong.  Seriously.  Tough division, 40-year old arm, and poor decision making combine to make this Brad Childress' last year as the Vikings head coach.  Yes, they'll make the playoffs, but it won't be because Favre leads them there.  It will be because Adrian Peterson is the most unreal specimen the NFL has ever seen at that position.  So yes, the Vikings will make the playoffs, but look for a 1st round exit.

D) The Patriots will win their division by 4+ games.  And I do hate to say this.  Dolphins were a fluke last year, Buffalo is still Buffalo, and the Jets have a rookie starting QB.  All those add up to a 14-2 record, and probably home-field advantage in the playoffs.  

E) Chargers won't be that good.  Houston won't be that good.  Cardinals won't be that good.  Carolina won't be that good.  All teams that are popular picks to go far won't.  

Okay, so those were my pre-season picks.  After the first week, a few observations.  A) I swear that I would have said the above about Jay Cutler prior to his 4 interception, "Where is he throwing the ball" fiasco Sunday night.  B) Colts can't have 2 red-zone turnovers and expect to win many games like that.  C) Madden Curse continues... Polamalu out for weeks, Fitzgerald's team beaten by the 49'ers... ouch.  D) Did anyone really expect Tom Brady to let the Pats get beat in his first game back?  Even down 11 with 3 minutes left?  Because I didn't.  E) The Lions are still the Lions.  F) Glad to see that Darren Sproles doesn't just kill the Colts anymore.  G) Ben Roethlisburger must be one tough dude to tackle.

Okay, time to go to practice.  I'll be back before the end of the week with a preview for the Chicago game.  I'm out.  


September 11, 2009

I thought we had this problem solved...

I recall a conversation I had over the summer (possibly 2 separate conversations) with esteemed Wabash gentlemen Steve Hoffman and Joe Emmick, who happen to do the Wabash football broadcasts for Hometown sports.  I told them that I was sick of getting criticized for my lack of speed on the football field, especially when said criticism is performed immediately following a play in which I do something good (i.e. Hudson scrambles for a touchdown; "Wow, Joe, that's rare considering Hudson isn't very athletic.").  I even recall writing a blog about it last year, and questioning why it is that everyone thinks their grandmother runs a faster 40 than me.  Sir Emmick and Sir Hoffman both assured me that they had never been critical of my maximum velocity on the football field, and essentially sold out the HDNet guys as the culprits.  Okay, problem solved, Wabash gentlemen absolved of blame.  

The fact is, I have worked on my speed and running form, and at least in my opinion, appear swifter than in years past (a fact I mentioned to a local sports reporter).  Something I also mentioned (apparently to both local sports reporters) is the fact that "I don't run like a stork anymore."  An obvious rookie mistake made by someone who has enough media experience to know that if you don't want to be referred to as something, don't refer to yourself as that.  The next day, PR maven Jim Amidon sends me an email with the heading, "Stork,".  I promise all this is leading to a point.  Point is this; I see the back page of The Bachelor this morning from across the room in my 9:00 class, and it appears as if they have a picture of me on there, seemingly performing an option pitch (for those of you who aren't familiar with the game, the option is a play that is usually run by fast quarterbacks).  Ideally, the headline would have said "The stork takes flight", but no such luck.  So hooray for me.  My newfound speed has been chronicled via the newspaper, and is now on display for the world to see... except not.  A couple hours later, a friend comes up to me and asks me what I thought about the caption underneath the picture.  "Haven't seen it yet," I replied.  "It says something about your relative lack of speed," said friend replies.  To be precise, "Matt Hudson, although not known for his speed, runs the option in the red-white scrimmage."  Please people, can't we just let it go?  I'm not Usain Bolt, but I'm not Marlon Brando either.  

But I digress.  First game this weekend, and I'm getting pretty jacked.  We haven't had the best week of practice, but the past couple days have been better, so I'm figuring we'll be ready to go tomorrow.  The thing is, this is not the Denison team of years past.  They are much improved, and come in having won 6 of their last 7 games overall, a hotstreak to say the least.  Coach Raeburn even mentioned them among one of the 3 teams to beat in our conference, so there is no disputing how much respect he has for them.  I encourage everyone to come out to the game tomorrow and get a look at the new-look Little Giants (with quite a few familiar faces on there; I know at least 4 of us on offense, you've seen start for the last 2 seasons).  The fact is, we're anticipating a great season, and I can't wait to get it started tomorrow.  Hope to see everyone out there.

Hope this wasn't too big of a disappointment, but I have stuff to tend to.  Everyone have a great night and hope to see you all tomorrow.  In racking up 200 yards by myself tomorrow... on the ground... I'm out.  

September 06, 2009

In case you were wondering where I've been...

Well, wonder no more.  I'm back.  After some serious soul-searching regarding what to blog about tonight (in which I came up with practically nothing), I've decided to basically type whatever is on my mind at any given moment.  I'M BACK!  It has been forever!  Apparently, not since late July had I written a blog, but there's a darn good reason for it.  I didn't want to make my stunning return to the blogosphere with anything less than monumental.  So here I am, back with something that likely will be less than compelling.  But hey, I'll give it a shot.  

So I feel that it's necessary to give a quick recap of what I've been doing over the last... say... 4 months.  In May, I started my internship with ESPN Radio in Indy, the same place I worked last year, different department.  This year, I worked in production for the Dan Dakich show, as well as Kravitz and Eddie with Bob Kravitz (yes, the one you likely hate for his controversial, but most likely, correct opinions) and Eddie White (who I'm now convinced has the sickest connections (sickest being a positive term) in all of sports).  Overall, it was a very positive experience.  My main duties were to book guests for the show, edit promo clips, and run the board (the most important aspect of the show, because if you screw up, 20,000 people know it).  Probably the best thing I learned was how to make serious mistakes and bounce back from them.  Sometimes, I felt like working in that small studio with 4 other people created a more pressure packed situation than playing in front of 5,000 people.  Maybe it's because people's jobs are at stake more in the radio business when I forget to turn off a mic and someone drops a (BLEEP) than in football when I throw into double coverage and get picked off (although Coach Raeburn is likely to differ).  Ultimately though, it was a very positive experience, and hopefully will help me to get a job at some point not too long after graduating.

Moving on... back at school now, 2 weeks into classes, 3 weeks in to football.  So needless to say, the last month has been pretty busy.  This past weekend, we traveled to Wheaton and scrimmaged the pre-season 6th ranked Thunder (the most die-hard of fans will remember the beating they gave us 9 months ago... the smartest of you have hopefully tried to forget).  Well the good news is, they didn't hang 59 on us this time, and we didn't put up a goose-egg on offense (which happened the last time we scrimmaged up there).  Still, many things to work on in all aspects of the game, but I definitely feel that we made strides from last week to this week.  Now on to the real stuff.  Denison this coming weekend for our first game of the season.  I have to say, I'm pretty excited about it.  I'm normally quite reserved when it comes to my emotions on the field (most quarterbacks don't play better when they're overly hyped), but I have a feeling I'm going to be more fired up than usual come Saturday.  Maybe it's because this is the last time I will ever play a home opener, or the first game of the year, I don't know.  Now, don't expect me to be chucking balls 8 rows deep into the stands, but if I overthrow Lemond on a hitch on the 4th play of the game, try not to hold it against me.  

Overall, I'm very pleased with where we are at this point.  We have had some injury concerns, but thankfully nothing that is going to keep anyone out for an extended period of time.  As I said last year, I don't do the whole bulletin board material thing, so don't expect any kind of prediction out of me.  All I can say is that in going for our 5th straight conference title, the rest of the team and I are ready to get after it.  But it certainly will not be easy.  Wittenberg, Wooster, and Denison all stand in the way, and won't be easy games at all.  But I can't wait to get things started this weekend.

A few random sports thoughts for the week (my loyal blog readers from last year have become accustomed to these ramblings).  A couple of things from the first weekend of college football  Did Oklahoma really get beat last night?  I know Sam Bradford got hurt, but seriously, does the UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA not have a better backup quarterback?  I mean, one that can beat BYU?  Dude better step up, or they'll be penciled in for the Papa Johns.com Bowl by week 5.  Also, the University of Oregon player who punched the Boise State player... absolutely heinous act.  One of the most despicable and disgusting scenes I've ever seen in college football.  For those of you that aren't familiar with the situation (which is certainly few by now, given the coverage), Oregon's star running back sucker punched a Boise State player following their loss on Thursday night, then pushed his own teammate, and attempted to go into the crowd before being restrained by security.  There is no question that this behavior cannot be tolerated.  Oregon cannot tolerate it.  The Pac-10 cannot tolerate it.  And the NCAA certainly cannot tolerate it.  Did he deserve to have his entire senior season taken away?  That's debatable.  But the NCAA sent a strong message that was heard loud and clear by all by suspending him for the remainder of the season; Ron Artest part II will not happen in college football.  Good for them.  The NFL starts next weekend... Thank God.  One can only go so long without seeing Peyton dropping bombs on people.  In all likelihood, I'll have an NFL preview blog sometime later this week (that way, when Brett Favre does suck this season, I'll have it in electronic print to prove that I was right).

Okay, gotta go watch the NASCAR race and study the playbook.  Everyone enjoy your Labor Day!  I know I will... oh wait, 3 classes and practice tomorrow... maybe I won't.  I'm out.