Wabash Blogs Marketing Immersion 2007

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A Good Day

John Moore

Wednesday was a good day.  We began again in the classroom, and I think we’ve gotten more comfortable with each other because discussion was more lively than the past two days.  We began speaking about strategies for determining comparative advantage in a marketplace, and then spoke in greater depth about the greater opportunities brought on by the internet.  The most interesting part of the morning was when we split up in pairs and spoke hypothetically about an internet marketing strategy for various products.  Each group presented the positive benefits created by the internet which include more concentrated and continual contact with consumers, and possibilities for greater exposure and more sophisticated and organized ways to track customer spending patterns. 

The last two afternoons we’ve visited some really cool sites.  After lunch we took a drive up to Muncie to visit Joseph David Advertising and Scott Smalstig ’88.  Scott was really cool.  He was just ridiculously enthusiastic and excited to have us there.  He gave us some history of his company and the work he’s done for them.  We probably could have stayed there all night talking about what they’re working on currently.  Right before we left we looked at a positioning plan and evaluation for one of their new clients, Nickent.  Nickent is a growing golf club manufacturer, and the information Scott gave us outlined Nickent’s market share and questioned in detail what their prospects for the future are.  That was nice because we were getting access to the way an actual advertising agency operates and Scott allowed us to speculate on the details and methods he used to formulate their strategy.