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Putting it Together

Paul Spranger

Today, Friday, we brought everything we have learned together. Roland had us create a basic marketing strategy for a business from the ground up which required the use of all the knowledge we have accumulated this week. The amount we have all learned in one short week is staggering. In addition to case studies and lectures, the trips to firms where “real world” application takes place gave us an incredible insight into this fascinating and influential field.

After being given a type of company, each group created a presentation for the rest of the class laying out the details of our strategy for making each firm successful. We addressed the goals of our company and built our strategies as a roadmap to achieve them, implementing more than just the basics we had learned in class but also the concepts introduced to us on our trips to places like Just Marketing International. Following each presentation, each group was questioned by the rest of the class on their strategies and offered suggestions to make each company better. Friday was a great way to wrap up the week as everyone was given the opportunity to show what they had learned. While perhaps not as appetizing as the beaches of the Gulf Coast or the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, the Marketing Immersion Program was a great opportunity to learn about the impact of marketing on business, not to mention we got a few great meals and met several enthusiastic alumni.