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A Well-spent Break

Trent Hagerty

Today was a totally different than the past two days have been.  The first thing was the fact we were in not in the same place for “class” as we usually were.  The hotel actually booked another group to use the conference room at the hotel.  We had to find a place to go and Lu actually contacted an alumnus who owns his own business basically right across the street from the hotel.  We used the board room of a company called Adesa, which is owned by an alumnus.  In “class” we talked about internet marketing and how it is changing the way businesses are marketing now a days.  The past couple of classes we were discussing and learning about the conventional methods of marketing like TV, radio, magazines, and etc.  We have also been discussing how the marketing strategies are developed and how they are put to use.  With internet marketing this has all changed, for instance, instead of normal mass mailing that were done in the past now there are mass emailing.  The reason that companies have switched from the mass mailing to email is because it cheaper and has the same effectiveness as mailings.  Which was the basic point that I got from class is the fact that the internet has made the marketing world less costly for companies; however, the conventional methods are still predominately used because only 1/3 of households in America actually have access to the internet.

After class we traveled to Muncie where we visited an advertising company called “joseph david adverstising”, which is owned and ran by another Wabash alumnus named, Scott Smalstig.  He told us about himself and his business and how he ended up where he is today.  The first thing that I really noticed was the fact that at Wabash he was a English and Psychology double major, which really hit the point that Wabash education allows you to do anything besides just what you major in.  The second thing I noticed was the difference between this company and the sports marketing company we visited yesterday.  For both being in marketing I thought the two companies would be similar in a lot of aspects of the job, but surprisingly they are very different to the point where I wouldn’t call them at all related.  The main difference is that joseph david advertises goods and not sports.  Another difference is just how joseph david goes about marketing these goods, like golf clubs.  We discussed a case where this firm was in charge of advertising a new golf club produced by Nickent and how joseph david went about developing a strategy and executing the strategy.  This was a very interesting case to discuss.  I am glad I spent my spring break studying marketing instead of going to Flordia or just wasting time at home.  I have learned a lot and have actually developed an interest in marketing and have applied for an internship for the sports marketing agency we visited yesterday. 

Picture: Smalstig shares a joke with the group.