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Muncie Bound

Tahir Ahmed

Since the hotel double booked the conference room that we’ve been using for the past few days, we spent the morning in the board room of Adesa Incorporated. The topic of discussion this morning was internet marketing and the different tactics companies can use on the internet to promote their products. We also talked about how companies differentiate their products from their competitors’. We did a case study on the Proctor & Gamble and discussed how their internet marketing strategy has helped the company promote its many brands. To better understand how to use the tools of the internet in marketing, we worked in groups of two to come up with an internet marketing strategy for randomly assigned products.

This afternoon we visited “joseph david advertising” in Muncie, IN. Scott Smalstig ’88, Vice Chairman of the company talked to us about how the company serves the needs of its clients. We were first quizzed on our knowledge of the “position statements” (slogans) of various marketing campaigns. He then told us about one of the company’s accounts, Nickent, and discussed what information an agent would need in order to be able to present the brand appropriately and develop an effective marketing strategy. Nickent is a relatively young company, which produces golf equipment. It specializes in producing hybrids and is known as the “King of Hybrids.” Apart from hybrids, this company also has developed irons with the longest range. Being a golf fan, I found all this very interesting. After the session, we were treated to wonderful dinner at Vera Mae’s Bistro in Muncie.

I have enjoyed the last few days, and have learned a lot not only about marketing, but also the importance of a Liberal Arts education. I am looking forward to what is in store for us for the rest of the week.

Picture: Smalstig talks about advertising.