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The Final Day

Kyle McClammer

As Scott Smalstig '88 said during our visit to Joseph David Advertising, when giving a speech there are three things to remember: tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.  As we wrap up our week of marketing, advertising and sales, Roland Morin '91 finished with the last step of the speech giving process.  But instead of him telling us, we were in the hot seat telling him what we learned throughout the week. 

In addition to summarizing the marketing ideas and concepts learnred this week, Roland got our brains functioning by asking us what we would do if we were in Ms. Berrettini's shoes at the College Football Hall of Fame.  Even though it was the first activity on a Friday morning, we came up with some really good ideas for Roland to forward to Ms. Berrettini.  Whether or not she actually uses any of them is irrelevant - the point is that we were thinking as if we were the Chief Marketing Officers of an organization.  It seems "thinking criticically" has a major role in marketing, just as it does in any other career.

I'm really glad I was able to participate in this week's marketing immersion program.  Although not quite as fun as spending spring break in Florida on the beach, this program is something that will be beneficial to us down the road as we enter careers of our own.  Whether or not those careers are directly in marketing doesn't matter because we will almost certainly use many of the same concepts in other careers.  For the same reasons that science labs and math courses contribute to a liberal arts education, learning about marketing teaches you different ways of thinking and analyzing.