Wabash Blogs Marketing Immersion 2007

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In Top Gear

Zuber Ahmed

 The day started off with a session in the classroom. It was different from yesterday; the group opened up and this made the session more enjoyable. We talked about market segmentation and target markets. These concepts built on yesterday’s discussion about the 4 P’s of marketing and the marketing mix. We were divided into groups and given products asked to determine the characteristics of our consumers and how we would target the different target markets. Determining the characteristics of the consumers helped us think about the consumer’s perspective on products. We ended the morning session with mini-case studies where we had to solve real problems firms faced with their products. It was interesting to see how similar some of our solutions were to the firm’s solution.

 In the afternoon we went on a field trip to Just Marketing International, a firm that specializes in marketing in motorsport. They cater to clients who are looking to advertise in racing. As I am a Formula 1 fan I was excited to learn about marketing in motorsport. After talking to the people at Just Marketing International, I was amazed at the amount of work that is actually required to get a decal put on a car. This experience opened a new aspect of marketing to us and is a sports fan’s dream job.

 Picture: The group stands by a Ferrari at Just Marketing International.