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Final Evaluation

Chris Hawes

Today we reviewed everything we had learned this week.  Starting from the beginning, Roland quizzed us on marketing terms and strategies and we responded as a class.  It’s amazing how much we have learned about this field in such a short week.  Just a few days ago most of us didn’t even know one another, and we definitely didn’t know anything about marketing.  Now, we were working together and proving we had obtained a basic knowledge of marketing.

After our review Roland split us into groups.  Each group was assigned a different company and asked to create a marketing strategy.  We were forced to work together and practice what we had been learning over the past few days.  Each group began, stating goals and objectives, finding a target market, analyzing the position of our products in their respective markets, searching for opportunities and risks, and finally creating an advertising campaign.  We created presentations from this data and then each group took turns showing what they had done.  In less than a week we had gone from knowing nothing of marketing to creating a respectable marketing strategy and presenting it to a group of our peers.  Next, we judged each others performance and voted for the best presentation.  Overall, it was a great recap that reinforced what we had been learning over the course of the week.

Even though we all had to sacrifice our spring breaks, I feel the Marketing Immersion Program was well worth it.  Not only did we all gain a fundamental knowledge of marketing but also met a lot of really cool Wallies, both alumni and current students.  If anyone out there is even slightly considering marketing as a career-path, you should definitely experience this program.

Picture: Ted Zimmer, Steve Stambaugh and Chris Hawes work on their final presentation.