Wabash Blogs Marketing Immersion 2007

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An Eventful Day

Steve Stambaugh

Our trip to Just Marketing International (a motor sports marketing firm) reaffirmed my believe in the benefits of a liberal arts education over a traditional specified business education.  In traditional business educations the imperative is to know everything about one subject, whereas Wabash emphasizes being a well rounded student.  The CMO at Just Marketing International said, “In order to be successful in business you must be a jack of all trades.”  This is exactly what Wabash College teaches.  By giving students the ability learn for themselves Wabash students are more prepared than others to succeed in the business world by being able to hurdle any obstacle that my come up.  Thinking critically is crucial in the world of marketing and the business world in general.

 The class sessions have been an incredibly valuable experience, not just through marketing and business but through life in general.  We learned a key marketing concept, to think about the perception of the audience rather than your own perceptions.  In order to sell a product it is crucial to know what the public thinks about the product.  This will be helpful outside of the business world as well as this principle will give us insights into how others view us and put us in a position to better understand our flaws and set a course so we can address those flaws and better ourselves in the process. 

Picture: The group listens to Wes Zirkle '98 at Just Marketing International.