Wabash Blogs Marketing Immersion 2006

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Marketing Director Trying to Build Attendance

Pat Maguire - The events of the fourth day began with a visit from Helen Guinn. Helen is a freelance travel writer who is also an author of several books about day trips in Indiana. As the former editor of several Indiana travel publications, she provided great insight into the ethical struggle between advertising and editorial publishing.  Publishers are often under pressure to run an article about a company that has purchased advertising space. She often had to reject articles featuring advertised resorts, hotels, or other travel destinations in the interest of her readers.   

After yet another free lunch, we headed north to the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend. The CFHOF is an interesting case study because it is located in the mecca of college football, Notre Dame - (Charlie Weiss for president), but they cannot get anyone to attend the museum. We found that while marketing ideas for the CFHOF are endless, their marketing budget is not. They simply are hindered in their marketing capabilities by a continuously shrinking budget.  We did find however, that the somewhat new (5 years) marketing director, Katie Berrettini, is developing many new marketing strategies that is taking the Hall of Fame in the right direction.