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Marketing Immersion - In Parts!

Jon Paul Patterson - It is currently 1:09 p.m. according to my watch and we’re on the road to South Bend. I’ve decided to do my post in two parts. The first part will be my reflections on the morning and my second will be done during my trip back from South Bend. Unfortunately, there’s not much to do on the trips. These aren’t like those summer camp trips that you took on the busses driven by one of the bearded camp counselors who also led the typical asphalt carols such that we all remember. However, Goga’s pumping Queen through the van speakers with his iPod.  I’ll take an iPod over “Wheels on the Bus” any day.

 Part 1

Today’s main theme is the complex collection of target markets arranged under the heading travel and leisure. This tied in well with yesterday’s advertising visit to Joseph David Advertising. Yesterday we saw how JDA is advertising Sea Island resorts to an extremely small niche market. Today we learned it from the travel magazine and guide aspect. It makes sense that advertisers need magazines to have channels to their audience while magazines need their advertisers to help pay for their production.  

Helen O’Guinn, a former editor of many travel-specific magazines discussed with us some of the ins-and-outs of marketing destinations of travel.  It was especiallyg to hear that it’s not just about what a place has to offer, but how it markets those places to different demographics of people.  An example that was discussed was the rise and fall of Las Vegas as a family destination.  We also talked about trend in the market known as the “ad”itorial, or when a magazine’s article is in such high praise of a destination that it seems to be an advertisement for it (which is often the case).  

It was a very productive morning session, but I think I’m going to use the rest of the trip time in the best way I know how—nap time. I’m looking forward to “experiencing” history of college football. Until we get there, ZZZzzzzzz…

Part 2

It is currently 8:31 p.m. and I really can say that I had a great time in South Bend. We had a great tour of the College Football Hall of Fame. It has a lot more to offer than you would initially believe. We toured the facility with Katie Berrettini, the Hall’s Director of Marketing and I actually found that Wabash is represented in the Hall of Fame.  His name is Century "Wally" Milstead.  He played offensive line for Wabash from 1920-1921 and then transferred to Yale.  You can read more about him here: http://www.collegefootball.org/famersearch.php?id=20107.  However, I think it’s about time to double that number by getting Pete Metzelaars in as well.

After the tour we discussed the different marketing strategies the Hall has used to try to bolster its attendance both during Notre Dame’s football season and the off-season. Being a not-for-profit, they rely heavily on free advertising donated by schools and the NCAA. Yet, their methods seem to be steering attendance in a positive direction. 

Well I think I’m going to wrap it up.  And just because I know she checks the website regularly, 'Hi, mom.'  Thank you to all who made this trip possible, it has been even better than advertised.