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Wabash Network Really Pays Off

Matt Kanter - Today we opened with Bill Lovejoy, Senior Account Director for 2Fold ad agency based in Indianapolis. He discussed the finer points of product placement in a particular market and how this strategically important aspect for a product’s success can easily get overlooked by a company when formulating a marketing plan. We debriefed the subject over the following couple hours with Ken (Turchi) toying with ideas and developing strategies for various companies who could better appeal to their markets and therefore improve their business overall. See Wednesday photo album here.

Following lunch, we headed north to Muncie to visit Scott Smalstig ’88, President, Creative Director, and co-owner of joseph david advertising, a spin-off company from Rutter Communications. 

We knew Scott had an exciting afternoon planned when he greeted our group donning his Sphinx Club candy stripes accompanied by a navy sportcoat. I will admit he did not disappoint. After introductions and a company history overview, Scott familiarized us with a client his company currently represents, Sea Island Resorts, and had us, a group of college undergrads, develop an effective marketing strategy for that company!  It was an amazing experience putting the principles we learned over the past three days into real life practice and then compare it to how a multimillion dollar company handled the situation themselves, while receiving feedback and advice from Scott, that particular company’s president, the entire time. 

You have got to love the Wabash network.

In photo: Kanter listens to Ben Gonzalez make a point.