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A Day of Learning, and Long Ride Home

John Holmes - The day started promptly at 8:17 today when Mr. Bill Lovejoy came in to talk to us about his former job working with Sears marketing. He talked about activation, a marketing term used to describe product placement and advertisement in television shows. Such examples are the cups of Coca-Cola in front of the judges on American Idol, to calling on Cingular cellular phones to vote for your favorite contestant. 

What Mr. Lovejoy did in his job was incorporate the Sears brand into the show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” From a Sears truck backing into the driveway of a house the crew was remodeling to the cast shopping at Sears for the tools, linens, and appliances needed to renovate, Mr. Lovejoy made sure Sears was represented.

After further classroom lecture we prepared questions for our next trip, Joseph David Advertising.  Driving up to Muncie, we met with Joseph David Advertising president, and Wabash Alum, Mr. Scott Smalstig.  Mr. Smalstig was very enthusiastic about our group being there, greeting us in a pair of Spinx Club red and white striped overalls. 

During our meeting there, we got to preview some of the marketing that JDA does for itself. Also, Mr. Smalstig led us in depth through one of the projects that his firm was working on. Sea Island resorts, a hotel/real estate company in Georgia, hired JDA to do its marketing. A very elite company, Sea Island Resorts was selling lots starting at $1.25 million and offered one of its hotels for a mere $795 a night. What we went over were the demographics of the consumers that would be interested in these investments and in what forums we could market Sea Island. 

This experiment was very thorough as well as educational.  The whole group learned important aspects of marketing on this trip as well as had a great time with an alumnus. 

After that the group went to dinner with Mr. Smalstig and other alumni at Vera Mae’s bistro, where we indulged in many delicious dishes. The service was great, and the four course meal was absolutely delicious. The long day finally over, we headed back to the hotel. While on the way back to the hotel, I was told to write this in the car. I do not think that it was taken into consideration the facts that it’s dark and I can’t see the keys, that the van is really bouncy so I have more typos than a second grader, the screen shakes like there is an earthquake and that after a four-course meal, car sickness is starting to be a factor. Plus after all that Coffee and Pepsi I drank at the restaurant, I really have to use the restroom.