Jade Doty JPCA–Welcome to Wabash

I’m Jade Doty, a freshman here at Wabash College from West Lafayette, Indiana. I was recently hired by Career Services last semester and began my role in the spring 2015 semester. I was first attracted to Career Services when I saw how many internship opportunities they had on Handshake. I saw that there was an opening for a Peer Career Adviser position, so I applied for it thinking that having the job would help me develop professional skills and improve my resume and cover letter. Since I became a Jr. Peer Career Adviser, my resume and cover letter have improved greatly, and being able to see every internship or job come through Wabash is very beneficial.
Before my senior year of high school, I was under the impression that I would attend Purdue in my hometown. Attending Purdue seemed like a good idea—my dad is a professor and most of my friends were going there. I also did not think I would play football in college either, but after visiting with Wabash’s Coach Hammer, my interest in Wabash grew even more. I did not know much about Wabash College at this time; I did not even know that it was an all-male college, so when Coach Hammer first mentioned it was an all-male college I was not impressed by that fact. But besides the all-male aspect, the football program seemed great. Therefore, I took my first visit in January and fell in love with the College. The characteristic that interested me most about Wabash was extensive and impressive tradition that surrounded the college. After this, I then came to the 2014 Honor Scholar Weekend where I listened to professors’ lectures and in turn found the academics phenomenal. When I stayed at Beta Theta Pi fraternity during Honor Scholar, I fell in love with the fraternity. After all of these positive experiences, I knew Wabash College was for me.
Now having completed a semester at Wabash, I realize how serious the College and its students are. I spent many nights up till 4 AM in the Armory trying to finish papers, projects, studying, or trying to figure what the heck my philosophy class was about. Regardless, I have taken pride in how much work I have had to put in my school work. I am currently on the path to become a double major with Biology and English. I do not know what I want to do after college yet, but hopefully I will be able to go to grad school or find a profession that interests me. I am also a recently inducted brother of Beta Theta Pi and I can say joining a fraternity has been the best decision I have made at Wabash. I have become best friends with a lot of my pledge brothers.
My future goals with Career Services are to one day graduate to become a Peer Career Adviser. I also hope to get some type of internship this summer close to home so I don’t have to be away from my family, my girlfriend, or my dog. I hope Career Services can help propel me to a career path that interests me.

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