Weijie Shi ’14: Interning in NYC with WP Global

Weijie Shi ’14:  My internship search was not easy.  After sending out hundreds of resumes and getting hundreds of “No”’s for answers, my battle of fighting for my dream to break into finance fell into a quandary.  Fortunately, WP Global Partners offered me an internship at this critical time.  I am so grateful for this precious opportunity with the generous help and support from Mr. Xu ’10.

For the first time, I am allocated at WP Global’s New York Office, working with one Senior Partner, a Managing Director, and a Senior Vice President. Working in WP Global’s New York Office is a totally new and different experience from one that many previous interns had before.  As a private equity fund, WP Global Partners operate their business from two basic perspectives.  One is sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities, and the other is monitoring the current portfolio for their clients.

That being said, my job responsibilities involve two aspects.  On one hand, my daily job includes meeting with fund managers who come to WP Global to pitch their funds and taking meeting notes, researching the industries where the potential investments lie, and performing evaluations on target investments.  Aside from that, I write deal reviews for potential investments which contain a company’s performance as well as the general market and growth potential.

On the other hand, I take charge of updating financial metrics and terms for current investments in WP Global’s portfolio and cleaning up WP’s database on a daily basis. In addition, I participate in making WP’s pitch books and presentation PPTs by generating charts from data analysis.

Weijie Shi ’14 with Senior Vice President, Kumber Husain

Life after work is just as fantastic as work.  New York is an amazing place to explore. Besides wonderful restaurants, Broadway shows, and various concerts, meeting up with old friends, especially other Wabash men, is also great fun.

This internship has been definitely one of my best Wabash experiences so far.  With my great sincerity, I would like to thank Mr. Stanley Xu for offering the opportunity, Career Services, Mr. Scott Crawford, and the financial support of the Small Business Internship Fund.  I strongly encourage students who are interested in developing a career in finance to apply for this internship in the near future.


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