Josh Jones ’14: Summer at the Schroeder Center for Career Development

Josh Jones ’14 – For most of my summer, I’ve worked as an intern at the Schroeder Center for Career Development at Wabash College. During this time, I’ve learned many techniques to help improve not only my job-seeking skills but also to help me help others in this area as well. Throughout this time, my partner and I have worked on many projects from organizing the Community Fair to exploring a Wabash-owned area of land known as “The Patch” and figuring out ways that this area can be used by students.

In the first week of work, I went through Peer Career Advisor training.  This training was an important piece of my internship experience, as it not only helped me familiarize myself with what Career Services offers, but also help me learn to help others with resume editing and advice. One problem that the Career Services building runs across is getting students involved with the programs that we offer. So, part of my job this summer was coming up with some ideas that could help bring more people into the office throughout the school year. One of the projects that we did to help this was to create a Pinterest page dedicated to informing students of what we offer along with other useful tidbits of information.

The largest project of the summer by far had to be organizing the Community Fair. Each year, Career Services holds the fair in order to help both new students and returning students get acquainted with some of the businesses that Crawfordsville has to offer. Each year around 75 businesses attend and nearly 600 students show up to see the fair. In order to get the businesses’ attention, my partner and I traveled throughout Crawfordsville to find businesses that would be interested in being a part of the Community Fair. Since I am not from around Crawfordsville, I was baffled at how many businesses there were in Crawfordsville. For more information about the upcoming event, go to

As part of my internship as a project and event management intern at the Schroeder Center for Career Development at Wabash College, I took the opportunity to plan an externship with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The officer who escorted me on my externship was Patrolman Leon Essig, a police officer of eleven years. I plan on pursuing a career somewhere in the field of law enforcement after I graduate from Wabash College and I wanted to take this opportunity to see some of the responsibilities that a career in law enforcement would entail.

This internship has been worthwhile knowing that the work I put in this summer will help both current and future students with their careers and hopefully their Wabash experience as well. The skills that I have developed will prove to be very beneficial to me and the wonderful people that I have met throughout my internship have helped improve the way that I think about Wabash. I would like to thank the Schroeder Center for Career Development for hiring me as a summer intern.  I have enjoyed working with everyone here and look forward to seeing what becomes of the plans that we have though out the year.

Josh Jones

Wabash College ‘14

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