Filming on Vocation — Joe Haklin [CS]


Watch the inimitable Joe Haklin talk about his work, his development, and how Wabash men can build a body of experience useful for their entire lives.

Joe Haklin Highlights

0:20 Joe Haklin: It’s my charge to administer 10 intercollegiate varsity sports programs here at Wabash in addition to being the chair of the wellness committee here, the director of campus wellness, I would say that 75% of my time is spent on the athletics side and 25% on the wellness side, but we’ll see how that plays itself out over the years. So far in my first seven months here, that’s the way it’s gone. All the athletic teams, their coaching staffs, the athletic training staff, the athletic support staff such as the equipment manager and our administrative assistant report to the athletic director here and I’ve got to sort of lead the way to make sure that we’re moving in the right direction in all those sports and serving the student athletes of Wabash in a positive way so that their experience here is both educational and enjoyable.

3:35 JH: In preparation for athletic administration, work on your communication skills. The written skills are very important to put down on paper, via a simple email, or memos, or reports to be able to get across an idea or an argument in a concise, clearly stated manner in a skill that is really going to do you well.

7:10 JH: Don’t sit in your dorm room and expect that you’re getting yourself ready to be an athletic administrator. You’ve got to get out there and gain some experience leading people.

7:53JH: You’ve got to plan. If you don’t plan your weeks, your days, your months, you get in a bind. You get behind on things.

8:38 JH: Establish healthy routines in your life, so that you know you’re getting your academic of life taken care of, as well as meeting your athletic goals.

9:32 JH: Put yourself in leadership roles as much as you can. Try to rise to the level of a leadership role. It’s just like anything else.  How do you get to be a better baseball player? How do you get to be a better rower? A runner? It’s by doing it over and over and over again and trying to learn from your past experiences. If you don’t have a body of past experiences, then you get into your adult life, and you don’t have much to fall back on.


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