Post-Wabash Life in “The Ville”

Every May, we ask a handful of soon-to-be graduates to blog for us during their first year out.  Last week, we received this insight from Travis Janeway ’09 who had spent a considerable amount of time in our office trying to decide between pursuing graduate school or going into the workforce. – Betsy Knott, Career Services

I am just over 7 weeks into my graduate school experience in the University of Louisville Sports Administration program and internship with Athlete Development for University of Louisville Football. Classes haven’t been too challenging yet, but a load of projects and presentations are on the way. Two big highlights so far from my experience: a multiple choice test and a 2nd best grade in class for a writing assignment. The multiple choice test was…weird and foreign. I NEVER took a multiple choice test at Wabash, an experience I think most, if not all, Wabash students share. My writing assignment was to familiarize the class with APA format. My professor grades much like Dr. Blix minus the color scheme. To get the second best grade led me to reflect on the writing skills I acquired during my four years at Wabash. 

 I live on my own which is a new experience for me and it does have its pros and cons. I do enjoy my quiet efficiency apartment in Old Louisville just a mile from campus, and by investing in a bike, I can get to pretty much everything I need. At some point, however, I will be looking for a roommate and new place after my lease is up to cut down on rent. Speaking of money, I created a pretty good Excel budget sheet and it has really helped me realize how much I spend and how much I can save. I take all the free meals I can get! Time management has been my biggest challenge since I work so much.  

My internship is going great, but I am at the very bottom of the totem pole. Most of my peers experience a similar start in the sport industry. It is unpaid, but the opportunity to work with Division I athletes in the weight room is incredible. I work under one of the best in the business. He created a training system now used around the country that incorporates explosive movements through plyometric movements, Olympic lifting, and total body emphasis. It is widely known as the Tier System. I also work a lot of hours (40 or more) a week. However, it is essential that Sport Administration grad students work in the industry while taking classes. Plus, when I work over 40 hours that usually means I put in hours on Saturday working the sidelines at home games.

Let me back up a little and speak on my application process for graduate school. I feel extremely lucky to be in the U of L program. During the application process, Louisville was the only one that required an interview (I also applied to Cleveland State and Xavier in Cincinnati). It indicated to me that it was a program with integrity and professionalism. Guess what came up in the interview… my Wabash experience. My unique background at Wabash and performance in the interview outweighed my average-at-best GRE score and 2.97 GPA. However, my favorite quote of all-time is from Seneca, the Roman philosopher, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” My preparation was definitely my undergraduate experience at Wabash. The U of L program is the opportunity. It is one of the best in the country and the city of Louisville offers many volunteer, internship, and job opportunities in sport.

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