From Hanoi to Crawfordsville–Tu Nguyen

Greetings everybody, my name is Tu Nguyen. I’m currently a sophomore at Wabash College. I joined Career Services at the beginning of 2015 as a Junior Peer Career Adviser. I’ve been interested in this position since my freshman year. This is a great place to experience a professional working environment. At Career Services, we have to commit one hundred percent of our working capacity and energy. In return, we work as both individual and teams to create high quality outcomes. Although I’ve only worked at Career Services for two months, my communication and teamwork skills have improved significantly. In conjunction with that, I’m learning how to improve resume and cover letter of others while learning how to construct my own.
Before I came to Wabash, I was hesitant about going to an all-male college. I was living in Hanoi, Vietnam, and there was no chance for me to visit the college before I made my decision. However, I’ve found Wabash to be the right choice for me. Since Wabash is a small school, the professors are almost always available for help. Whenever there is a hard problem, I have always been able to seek help from them. Furthermore, Wabash has very supportive alumni, and there are numerous alumni involved in our immersion and experience trips. For me, I’ve been to Ecuador, San Francisco, St. Louis… for free, thanks to Wabash.
One more important feature about Wabash is that we pride ourselves in the tradition of our school. I and my rhyne brothers love to attend every Chapel talk, where professor, faculties, and alumni talk about their life experiences. We love walking around the arch and are trying our best to be able to walk under it someday. Last but not least, we love painting the senior bench— the icon of success and graduation at Wabash—and eventually to be able to sit on it someday.
All in all, Wabash is a special place for me. It is the place where I cherish knowledge, friendship, and tradition. It’s also the place where you learn to “Think Critically, Act Responsibly, Lead Effectively, and Live Humanely.”

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