Senior Center Durm Feels Excitement Mounting in Bell Week!

Nick Durm, #69

This has been my busiest bell week of my Wabash career, but it is shaping up to be another great one as well.  I am trying extra hard this year to enjoy all of the festivities as much as possible, because I know this is my last bell week as a participant.  I am very proud of our freshman class and underclassmen, who have shown a great commitment to the Monon Bell tradition, even though they may not fully understand what it all means until Saturday.  I have seen dozens of Monon Mohawks all over campus and several Monon Mustaches as well.  It speaks to the commitment of our campus to supporting both our football team and our Monon tradition.  We can feel the excitement build around campus as the stands go up and the festivities begin.

Durm Protecting the Quarterback vs. Kenyon

I love bell week for all of its traditions.  We take the bell down from its prominent pedestal in the Allen Center during bell week to display it proudly in the front of the chapel for everyone to see and hear.  Unfortunately, there have been complaints about the bell ringing during classes, which is the only thing that has stopped the bell from ringing 24/7.  If it were up to me, I’d want to hear the bell ringing all year long.  The bell can be heard all across campus throughout the week ringing from the front of the chapel.  It is a constant reminder of how important the bell is to this campus, and the unity that bell week brings to all Wabash men.  Every night throughout the week, the Sphinx club holds cookouts at midnight for the campus to unite around the bell, some burgers, and free haircuts (Monon Mohawks).  Men stand guard all throughout the night to keep watch over our campus and our bell.  I love all these traditions and I am going to fight as hard as I can on Saturday to make sure we keep the bell where it belongs, so we can carry the bell back to the Chapel for another year of Monon Bell traditions.

Nick Durm

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